8 Not-So-Common Ways to Have a Happy Day


Are you struggling to find something to be happy about today? Do you just feel…blah? You’re not alone, almost all people on Earth will experience the blues (astronauts being the humans not on Earth).

The team at Yellow Octopus love making people feel happy, so it’s only natural that we’re bursting at the seams and can’t wait to share these not-so-common ways to have a very happy day.

8 Not-So-Common Ways to Have a Happy Day

1. Complement a Colleague 
Have you heard of a phenomenon called karma? Basically, what you give out, you will receive back in the near future. If you think someone has a cool new hair-cut, or it could be their unique swagger to their walk – let them know. Who knows, maybe they’ve got the blues too, you just might make their day! Then, soon enough, the compliment will be paid forward to you.

2. Enter a Competition 
Entering a competition should get a fire burning in your belly! Why? It’s the possibility of winning, big or small – out of pure luck. Yes, the odds are small, but it’s that hope, that whimsical hope, that will put a bounce in to the balls of your feet.

3. Eat your Favourite Food for Lunch…and then…
Humans love food. Some of us live to eat, while others just eat to live. Regardless of our individual passions for sustenance, there is always that one meal, or that one food (or many!), that we know makes us feel good. If you know you can walk down the road and get your hungry hands on this particular food, then go get it!
And then? If you’re paying with cash and you are handed change, instead of placing it neatly in your wallet, shove it in one of your pockets. Weeks or months could go by before you rediscover your forgotten cash. Finding money will make you happy!

4. Get in Touch 
Have you lost contact with someone who was once close? Don’t just let it go! Get in touch. You never know, they just might be feeling the same way – it’s never too late!

5. Put a Chair in the Shower

For real?! For real. Place a cheap chair (we suggest plastic chairs from hardware stores), then turn your shower on to a low setting with the heat of your choice. After 30 seconds, enter your shower and sit down, relax, and enjoy the sensation of small water beads cascading down your body.

6. Smile at Randoms 
Just do it. Walk with your head held high and smile at passers-by. Instead of keeping your head buried in your phone, or walking with your shoulders slouched and head bent, walk with meaning, purpose, and positivity. Research has found that smiling and remembering good-times allow us to concentrate better at work!

Make an impact on those around you, and watch as they start to smile back at you.

7. Drink a Glass of Milk 
Did you know…? Milk is a dairy (duh!), and dairy contains an essential amino acid called tryptophan. this helps create serotonin (the happy chemical in our brains), so really, by drinking milk, you’re drinking happiness. So gather around the office with a milky coffee, milk-shake, or all natural glass of milk, and get happy!

8. Gift Yourself 
Don’t deny it, you have done at least one good thing this week, right?! You more than deserve a little treat, for you and only you. Appreciate your own hard work, and gift yourself something you really want. To find something that will really make you happy, head to our Yellow Octopus Happy Page.

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