5 Ways to Keep Your Kids Entertained This Easter Holiday


As Easter approaches, you either have a long weekend away planned, or maybe you’re planning to relax at home. If you have little ones, regardless of your plans, they will need some entertainment.

There are only so many Easter egg hunts you can take them to, and dumping them in front of the TV with chocolate…may not be the best idea in the long term. So if you are struggling to come up with some ideas, struggle no more! We have come up with 5 classic ways to entertain your Kids this Easter.


1. Get creative, and take that plain chocolate (or the yucky cheap stuff!) and put it into something yummy! We’re talking cupcakes, choc-chip cupcakes! When they’re baked and cooled, ice them as you please and then shake a bit of magic…we mean sprinkles, on top. All the mixing and waiting to bake is sure to tire out your young one! A Unicorn Spring Shaker ($14.95) will make baking more fun!

2. Not ‘going away’? That doesn’t mean you have to miss out on a road trip. Take the kids to an adventure park or nice gardens, where you can have a picnic. They will be so tired from all the excitment that you won’t hear a word from them the whole journey home. Let their heads rest on something soft with this Wood Log Pillow ($19.95).

It is undeniable that children love building and creating mess. Bead box craft sets, like thisFlower Power Bed Box Set ($19.95), are fun, engaging and creative ways for young ones to channel their energy. Instead of mess, the result is colourful and pretty jewellery.

4. Children are constantly growing, and they’re always releasing energy. Food is our source of energy, so take the opportunity to teach them how their vegetables, herbs, and fruit are grown. It’s fun, exciting, magical, and allows your child to learn the value of patience. Let them nurture their very own plant that they can eat too! These Rainy Day Garden Planter Boots ($24.95)are cute and colourful, just like your little one.

5. Long weekends allow time to re-group as a family, so it is important you use it wisely, and that means fun for the whole family. A classic, that will engage the whole family, is a jigsaw puzzle. You want the game to last though, so opt for a very large puzzle, just like this 2 metre long, My Longest Jigsaw Puzzle ($44.95).

We hope you can take some of these ideas on board, and have a relaxing, yet fun, Easter break.


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