5 Ways to be more eco friendly around your home

Despite ‘Earth Day’ being nine months away, there’s no reason why we can’t be environmentally conscious all year round.  There are many simple ways which we can help towards sustaining our environment and live a more eco friendly lifestyle.  Here are just some of the ways you can help throughout your day to day routine around the house.  And remember, these steps will also have a positive increase on your budget as well as the environment as a whole.
Stop using disposable bags.
While it can be a difficult habit to get into, once you get used to leaving the bags in the boot for your weekly shop, it will become second nature.  This small change will have a massive positive environmental impact for society – and it will save plenty of room in the cupboards once you get rid of all those plastic bags!  Environmentally friendly carry bags are available at most local supermarkets, often at the checkout.
Leave your lights off for as long as you can
Open the curtains, let in the natural sun light for as long as possible each day.  Even just half an hour extra per evening will make a world of difference.  Turning off lights as you leave the room is also something that will help budget that electricity bill each month.  Evry little helps, we promise!
Wash your clothes in cold water
More power is used when you select a warm-hot temperature on your machine.  Not only does selecting the ‘cold’ option prevent your washing from shrinking, it saves money and makes getting through those errands a more energy efficient, beneficial task for everyone in the household.
Unplug all unused appliances and turn off unused power points
Turning off the switch stops the power supply from being transferred to the power point, saving energy and electricity bills! Also, leaving appliances such as computers on all the time can be a safety hazard as they can be caused to overheat if left for too long.
Pay your bills online
Not only is this a green initiative, saving paper countless amounts of paper, it is also a great way to reduce clutter and stress around the home.  Once paid, the bill is out of sight and out of mind – the way it should be in our opinion!
Do you have some other eco friendly ways around the home? We’d love to hear some!

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