5 Salivating Summer Sippers Sure to Refresh

We’re in the throes of summer, it’s heating up and everyone is looking for a way to cool down. In true Aussie style, many stock the Esky and head to the beach or the pool, others prefer the air-conditioned comfort of a bar. Either way, it’s hot and you want a drink – stat! 
Here, we count down 5 classic summer drinks, and how you can enjoy them in style this summer. With a few quirky facts to boot!

#1 Beer

It’s hard to go past the crisp, amber fluid otherwise known as lager, ale or froff. Whatever you want to call it, this stuff has been keeping certified booze hounds happy for centuries. The British will disagree, but we think the only way to enjoy a beer is ice cold, on a hot day, after a hard day’s toil. 

Keep your beers frosty for longer with these Chillsner Beer Coolers.

Chillsner Beer Coolers



#2 Pisco Sour

Etymologically speaking it’s suggested the word pisco originally meant ‘mud container’, which is pretty disappointing considering it bears no resemblance to this delicious liquor.  
Nothing screams out summer more than a Pisco sour. Even the Prince of Bellair couldn’t squeeze anymore fresh into this drink. The key is obviously the Pisco – a brandy made from distilled grapes – harking from winemaking regions of Chile and Peru. 
Then BAM! Refreshment!
Egg White.
OK, egg white doesn’t sound that refreshing, but trust us – it works!

Make your very own Pisco Sours with the Gentleman’s Hardware Cocktail Shaker.

Gentlemen’s Hardware Cocktail Shaker


#3 Strawberry Daiquiri

Daiquiri is the name of a beach in Santiago, Cuba. It’s also a drink. Imagine yourself on that secluded beach with the faint sounds of Cuban Rhumba floating on the wind, the magenta hues of sunset on the horizon and a freezing cold alcoholic drink, made almost entirely out of ice, in your hand. That’s what it’s like to have a daiquiri at Daquiri. It’s daiquiri squared, it’s inception.  Whatever it’s called it’s probably not going to happen, at least for most of us common folk. But you CAN easily make daiquiris at home with strawberries that are in season during summer.

Drink your daiquiri’s through these fancy Stainless Steel Straws.

Stainless Steel Straws



#4 Gin and Tonic 

 Summer’s greatest annoyance: mosquitoes. You’re having a BBQ and one of them is bound to fly around making that pitiful high frequency buzzing noise, using its tube-like-mouth-part to pierce your skin, suck your blood, make you itchy, while the rest of his/her mates lie around in your bird bath copulating and multiplying like the retched plague. They even transfer malaria. It’s sick, that’s what it is. But we have the perfect solution to this vile inconvenience: get drunk. 

Quinine, an alkaloid that naturally occurs in tonic water has medicinal, anti-malarial qualities. Therefore the more G + T’s you drink, the less malaria you get. Fortunately, endemic malaria doesn’t exist in Australia, so G + T’s just get you drunk. We’re fine with that. 
Drink Gin and Tonics in style with Gin and Titonic ice cubes from Fred and Friends.
Gin and Titonic Ice Cubes


#5 Bellini Cocktail

Invented by Harry’s Bar founder Giusseppe Cipriani, this simple cocktail is named after a 15thcentury Venetian painting. Apparently, the pale pink colour of the drink reminded Cipriani of a similarly hued toga worn by a saint in Giovanni Bellini’s painting. It seems strange when drinking a delicious, icy-cold Bellini that it was named after a bed sheet worn by an ancient hairy guy. But hey who’s to argue with a dude that created one of the most iconic bars in modern history? I mean, it was Ernest Hemingway’s favourite bar, and that’s a pretty good accolade given the writer’s propensity to have a tipple (although it’s hard to see a guy that shot up a school of sharks with a Thompson submachine-gun drinking a peach and Prosecco cocktail out of a flute!)

The Bellini relies on its simplicity. Just combine white peach pulp with Prosecco (a dry Italian sparkling wine). These cocktails are also part of the ‘champagne breakfast’ phenomenon, a nifty loophole that makes it socially acceptable to get drunk in the morning. Win.

Keep your Prosecco fresh once opened with the Pump it Up Champagne Bottle Stopper.

Pump it Up Champagne Bottle Stopper


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