BREW CRAFT BEER: 5 Quick Tips To Begin Brewing Your Own Craft Beer


Beginning to brew craft beer at home can be daunting. What actually are hops? What if the bottles explode? Or worse, what if my beer doesn’t taste any good?

These fears we have are natural. Thankfully, we’re not alone in having them.

Adrian and Carolyn are the founders of BrewSmith, a Melbourne based company that makes the brew craft beer brewing kits. These days, they’ve mastered homebrewing kits that help you make craft quality beer at home, yet that wasn’t always the case.

When they first started brewing beer at home, it was a hit and miss experience. They were once left wondering, “What do you do with 30 litres of beer that doesn’t taste that great?

Through testing different brewing techniques, and of course taste-testing the results, they’ve created the first homebrewing kit that helps you make craft quality beer at home.

Craft beer brewing at home is no longer a gamble, thanks to Adrian and Carolyn it’s been distilled to a science – a science that you can master.

5 Quick Tips To Brew Craft Beer

  1. “What if the beer tastes bad?”

> By following the instructions, you can immediately begin producing your very own, delicious craft beer. You brew craft beer. There’s no waiting years until you have mastered the craft and can create a tasty pint, your beers will be delicious from day one.


  1. “What if the bottles explode?”

> Bottle explosions occur because of bad yeast, bad malt, or too much sugar. But if you buy a quality homebrewing kit and follow the instructions, your bottles will not explode.


  1. “What actually are hops?”

> Believe it or not, hops are actually a flower from a type of herb. Why do you use hops? Because they add aromas and their bitterness counteract the sweetness of the malted barley.


  1. “I’m no chemist, is brewing difficult?”

> It’s a skill that you can master, but it is not too difficult to get started and produce tasty beer right away. In fact, humans have been home brewing beer for thousands of years. As Adrian and Carolyn say, “If you can make soup, you can make beer!”


  1. “Am I going to wake up with a sore head?”

> Home brewed craft beers (at least from BrewSmith) actually give you less of a hangover because they don’t contain filtration agents or preservatives that you that you find in commercial beer.


If you think you could become a master craft beer brewer, it’s best to take your first step into homebrewing with a kit. Here are our two favourites:


  1. Citrus Blonde Ale

Read more about Citrus Blonde Ale here. Or if you want to watch how it is made, check out this video.


  1. Aussie Wattle Pale Ale

Read more about Aussie Wattle Pale Ale here. Or if you want to watch how it is made, check out his video.