49 Awesome Gifts Under $20

Gifts under $20 are great. A gift doesn’t have to be expensive to be awesome. In fact, there are many things that gifts under $20 can do that lavish gifts can’t.

Expensive gifts are overrated. For example:
> A Lamborghini won’t make you laugh.
> Caviar can’t capture memories.
> You can’t share a Rolex with friends.

Gifts under $20 are underrated. For example:
> A pirate apron will make your friends laugh.
> A ‘Why You’re So Awesome’ Book can remind you of beloved memories.
> Everyone can be included with playing cards.

Whether you want to make somebody laugh, feel special, or be reminded how much you care  – you can find gifts under $20 to achieve your goal.



Great Gifts Under $20

1. The Missed Bucket List Flip Book

The Missed Bucket List Flip Book - Gifts Under $20

Here’s a great gift for under $20 that will make you take stock of where you are right now. Every time you flip a page a bucket list idea beckons. Wouldn’t you rather be running with the bulls or bungee jumping than in that dreary meeting? Head back to your desk, flip a page and gaze soulfully into the distance.



2. Knot Tying Kit

Knot Tying Kit - Gifts Under $20

Here’s a great gift knot to be underestimated. Everybody needs to learn to tie practical knots, whether it’s for sailing, camping, climbing, fishing or the trailer. Buy this awesome knot tying kit gift at under $20 and you’ll soon become the master of 16 of the most commonly used knots. Sometimes they say a gift’s knot for everyone but that’s definitely knot the case here!



3. Tropical Keyboard Decals

Tropical Keyboard Decals - Gifts Under $20

The key (board) to this gift is the vibrant tropical colours and images. This awesome gift priced under $20 will bring flair to any keyboard. Instead of feeling you are labouriously typing away, these decals will help your spirit soar and your fingers fly.



4. Nail It – Nail Holder

Nail It - Nail Holder - Gifts Under $20

Here’s an awesome gift for under $20 that nails it every time. Every home handy person will appreciate this gift because they can say farewell to fractured fingers and gnarled nails. This nail holder keeps nails perfectly in place and so you can strike away hands free.



5. Create Your Own Balloon Animals Kit

Create Your Own Balloon Animals Kit - Gifts Under $20

For under $20 this gift will be sure to inflate your value at the next birthday party and have you rising to become king of the kids. Channel your inner clown and become the balloon master, creating poodles, butterflies, beetles and bears. Squeals of delights and smiles the size of watermelons will greet your clever creations.



6. The Dad Mug

The Dad Mug - Gifts Under $20

Every Dad’s not just his kid’s hero, he’s their superhero. Get your Dad this awesome mug priced at under $20 and you’ll hear that all too familiar Dad chant at brekkie,“ Da na na na na Coffee”!



7. Emoji Playing Cards

Emoji Playing Cards - Gifts Under $20

Playing cards are a great gift priced at under $20. They come out on camping trips when friends are around the table, or brighten wet and dreary days. And these emoji playing card add another dimension. I’m sure two smiley faces beat a pair of grumps.



8. Bendo Designer Egg Cups

Bendo Designer Egg Cups - Gifts Under $20

An egg is considered the simplest of wonder foods perfectly packed and full of the nutrients of life. Given that the egg is so simple yet perfect it really deserves a classy, minimalist cup. Priced at under $20 this makes an eggcellent gift!



9. Father’s Stein Beer Glass

Father's Stein Beer Glass - Gifts Under $20

Give your dad this stein glass and he’ll know exactly the esteem in which he’s held. Priced at under $20 this gift will quench his thirst, lift his spirits, make him chuckle and in no time, ask for a refill. Cheers!



10. Pirate Apron

Pirate Apron - Gifts Under $20

There’s no doubt that Mum’s a bit of a rogue but she’s still the captain of the ship. She’s the one who gets everybody ready to set sail and plots the family course. You’ll bring this image to life when you give Mum this,”shiver me timbers” pirate apron. But remember, don’t cross a pirate or make a pirate cross or she’ll have you walking the plank.



11. 4 In 1 Sports Game Board

4 In 1 Sports Game Board - Gifts Under $20

Priced at under $20 this 4 in 1 board set lets you channel your inner superstar. Take on Tiger at the Masters, Gretzky on the rink, Lebron at hoops or beat Manning to the End Zone. Now when the weather’s dreary and outside is on the outer you can still get those competitive juices flowing.



12. Salt & Pepper Puppy Shakers

Salt & Pepper Puppy Shakers - Gifts Under $20

Here’s the perfect gift for the perfect couple priced at under $20. Cute kissing canines love to shake things up, especially the pepper and salt and then can’t wait to be reunited as their animal magnetism draws them back together.



13. YOLO Juliet – Romeo And Juliet Through Texts

YOLO Juliet - Romeo And Juliet Through Texts - Gifts Under $20

If you’ve wanted to delve into Shakespeare but found the language of the bard too daunting, then this text, priced at under $20 is the solution. Given a modern makeover by Brett Wright, this is Shakespeare for the modern masses, with hilarious texts, non-stop emoji’s and hashtags galore. And there’s other memorable titles too.



14. Guitar Shaped Teaspoon

Guitar Shaped Teaspoon - Gifts Under $20

If you want your coffee to rock and roll around your mug then get a silver guitar spoon. At less than $20 this gift will enable you to stir up memories of the guitar classics as you sweeten your sip. It’s so cool as a gift it’ll spoon be heading up the gift parade with a bullet.



15. Beerspresso Coffee – Malted Barley Blend

Beerspresso Coffee - Malted Barley Blend - Gifts Under $20

This is a fantastic gift for under $20 for the coffee connoisseur in your life. Imagine the scene. The coffee’s percolating and the aroma of delicious Malted Barley is wafting through the kitchen. Nostrils flair, your mouth starts to salivate, that first captivating gulp is a mere swallow away. Ahh!, now that’s the way to greet the day.



16. Cow Shower Cap

Cow Shower Cap - Gifts Under $20

If you don’t want to wet that mane then this shower cap for under $20 has your ear tag on it. Even if that first blast from the shower is Friesian and it makes you udder, your cap will keep you as dry as a milker having a spell.



17. Playing Cards By Mensa – Riddles And Conundrums

Playing Cards By Mensa - Riddles And Conundrums - Gifts Under $20

Here’s the solution to the puzzle of the smartest gift you can find priced under $20. Mensa playing cards that will challenge the cleverest of masterminds and give you hours and hours of boggling brain buster fun.



18. Jonathan Adler Designer Dog Collars

Jonathan Adler Designer Dog Collars - Gifts Under $20

This gift priced under $20 will have Fido barking up the right tree. He’ll be the snazziest pooch on the block in his designer dog collar and be the cause of serious canine envy. Every other dog owner will stop you on your daily walk with just one question, “Where do I collar one of those cute collars?”



19. Wind Up Walking Dinosaurs Kit

Wind Up Walking Dinosaurs Kit - Gifts Under $20

For under $20 you can be transported to a land before time when fearsome dinosaurs ruled the earth. This kit contains 3 wind-up walking 3D dinosaurs that will have you roaring like a T-Rex or mooching like a Brachiosaurus. A great gift for the young or young at heart.



20. Office Desk Status Bar – Make Your Thoughts Known

Office Desk Status Bar - Make Your Thoughts Known - Gifts Under $20

How many times has a colleague said, ”Well how am I to know, I can’t read your mind”. Well for under $20 this gift will tell one and all exactly what you’re thinking. “Shhh! Can you type a little quieter, I really tied one on last night”.



21. Flamingo Tea Filter

Flamingo Tea Filter - Gifts Under $20

Here’s the way to have a classy cuppa. For under $20 you can purchase this fancy flamingo to filter your tea in that old fashioned way. No more getting in a flap about which bag to brew, just fill up the filter and let it bob around your mug ‘til that tantalising, timeless, taste of tea’s up.



22. Spider-Man Apron

Spider-Man Apron - Gifts Under $20

If you know someone who’s been dishing up kitchen heroics, then reward them with this super-hero apron. For under $20 you can turn your masterchef into a superchef because every superhero needs a super outfit.



23. The Night Sky Month-by-Month Book | DK Astronomy

The Night Sky Month-by-Month Book | DK Astronomy - Gifts Under $20

If you gaze at the heavens at night and wonder if that’s the Big Dipper, or where’s Orion, then these charts will Pointer you in the right direction. For under $20 this gift will enable you to become an astronomical star when you’re camping or BBQing at night.



24. Star Wars The Force Awakens – 24 Fridge Battle Magnets

Star Wars The Force Awakens – 24 Fridge Battle Magnets - Gifts Under $20

Purchase these fridge magnets as a gift for that Star Wars fan and they can set up the fridge as the Light Side versus the Dark Side. At under $20 the 24 characters can take up the battle between good and evil, a bit like when you’re choosing between the Devil’s food cake or an apple.



25. The Wit & Wisdom Of Tyrion Lannister By George R.R Martin

The Wit & Wisdom Of Tyrion Lannister By George R.R Martin - Gifts Under $20

As Master of Coin, Tyrion would have approved of this gift priced at under $20. Now comes, in a collection compiled by George R.R. Martin himself, all the impish witticisms and black humour of the small man who cast a huge shadow. It may even be a read that you put in the throne room.



26. Rubik’s Cube Bottle Opener Key Ring

Rubik’s Cube Bottle Opener Key Ring - Gifts Under $20

Puzzled at what you can buy as a gift for under $20? Well scratch your head no more. This Rubik’s Cube Bottle Opener Key Ring is a classic, no matter where you are, as long as you’ve got your keys, there’ll be a bottle opener too. That’s automatically one problem solved.



27. Things To Do Now That You’re… A Dad

Things To Do Now That You're... A Dad - Gifts Under $20

Priced at under $20, this book of over 600 activities that you can do with the kids is the perfect companion. No more exasperated calls of “I’m bored” or having no idea what to do when it’s raining cats and dogs. With this handbook as your sidekick, you won’t even have to put on an outfit to transform yourself into a superhero and a super dad.



28. 101 Things To Do Before You’re Old and Boring

101 Things To Do Before You're Old and Boring - Gifts Under $20

Here’s the handbook that will get you out of the armchair and into adventure. No more modelling Homer Simpson, more the reformed Norm from Life Be In It. Open a page, choose an adventure, get up and go and you’ll still have 100 challenges to complete. Life was meant to be busy.



29. My First AutoBahn Car & Train Tape Gallery Sets | Donkey Products

My First AutoBahn Car & Train Tape Gallery Sets | Donkey Products - Gifts Under $20

Here’s the perfect gift for under $20 that will keep the kids on track. 25 metres of road or rail will ensure that they’ll be no more tripping over or stubbing toes on cars, trucks and trains scattered willy-nilly around the house.The roll of printed tape will stick to any surface, so for your little urban planner, imagination will be the key.



30. Self Stirring Mug – Black

Self Stirring Mug - Black - Gifts Under $20

It’s hard to believe that at under $20 there is such a thing as a self-stirring mug. A tiny battery-powered impeller at the bottom of the mug will blend the perfect coffee or mix up a steaming cup of soup. Whoever receives this mug will think you’re stirring them up, but there’ll soon be howls of laughter as the mug does its stuff.



31. Cubebot Micro | Wooden Robot Puzzle

Cubebot Micro | Wooden Robot Puzzle - Gifts Under $20

These masterful wooden robot puzzles priced under $20 are a blend of ancient Japanese traditions and contemporary toy culture. Your robot can be transformed from a perfect cube into a futuristic friend ready to strike the pose you command. And your tiny friend is so durable he’ll still be a trend when the real robots rule.



32. Owl Egg Shaper Funny Side Up | by Fred

Owl Egg Shaper Funny Side Up | by Fred - Gifts Under $20

Here’s a breakfast gift under $20 that’ll have hungry tummies letting out hoots of delight. Simply place the shaper in the pan, crack a couple of googy eggs and instantly a breakfast buddy appears. Give this gift and like the owl, you’ll be lauded for your wisdom as fussy eaters meet their match.



33. Knitted Beard Beanie

Sauce Dispenser Gun - Gifts Under $20

This knitted beard beanie will leave you looking like a hipster without ever having to grow a beard yourself. Plus it is sure to keep your cheeks warm on those cold winter mornings. If you want to stand out in a crowd, this is the beanie for you.



34. Scrabble Fridge Magnets

Scrabble Fridge Magnets - Gifts Under $20

For under $20 you can turn your fridge door into an awesome message board with over a 100 magnetic scrabble tiles. “Don’t eat the chops” or “remember to buy milk”. Or perhaps something more personal like, “words can’t describe how much you mean to me”. Well, maybe they can!



35. Create Your Own Mug Design

Create Your Own Mug Design - Gifts Under $20

Here’s a gift for under $20 that insists you unleash your creative juices. Draw your own design, bake the mug, cool and polish. It’s that simple. And isn’t a gift that you’ve created always the most cherished. The biggest decision will be who’ll be the lucky one, Mum, Grandpa, sister, friend.



36. Crayums – Pancake Batter Dispenser

Crayums – Pancake Batter Dispenser - Gifts Under $20

For under $20 you can become the Michelangelo of pancake artists and produce amazing culinary works of art. Your dispenser becomes your brush and your pan the canvas. In fact, your masterpieces will be so stunning that it’s lucky they’re delicious, or they’d never be devoured.



37. Magnetic Sand Timer

Magnetic Sand Timer - Gifts Under $20

Watch with wonder as the magnetic sand funnels through the glass to create amazing magnetic sculptures. For under $20 you can enjoy watching a pot boil or cook that perfect googie as magical magnetic shapes appear before your eyes. It’s so hypnotic, it’ll have you magnetised.



38. Egg-Splode Egg Cup and Toast Cutter

Egg-Splode Egg Cup and Toast Cutter - Gifts Under $20

If it’s a constant battle getting tucker into your little soldiers then here’s the way to declare war on fussy eaters. For under $20 this egg cup and toast cutter will have your army marching to the table and fronting up to brekkie demanding enough food to feed an army. And when brekkie’s all done and dusted, you’ll get a snappy salute and a “tanks”.



39. Ridley’s Yo-Yo

Ridley's Yo-Yo - Gifts Under $20

For under $20 you can show the kids that hours of fun isn’t just found in front of the screen, the tablet or iphone. Try not to begin with, ”in my day”, but impress them with “walk the dog”, “loop the loop” or “around the world”. That’s enough showing off, give them a turn. Share I said.



40. Slingshot Flying Animals

Slingshot Flying Animals - Gifts Under $20

Who said pigs can’t fly. Buy the slingshot pig, cow or monkey for under $20 and send them spiralling 15 metres across the room. And they don’t go quietly. To add to the laughter, they let out oinks, moos, or chatter as they roar across the room.



41. Easy Flyer Kite

Easy Flyer Kite - Gifts Under $20

If you’ve ever been told “to go fly a kite” and you have, then you know how much delightful, simple fun it is. So share the experience by buying this fantastic flyer of a kite for under $20. You’ll be able to create magic memories of the kids streaming along the beach with their kite in tow.



42. Double Ice Ball Mould

Rotating Kaleidoscope Projector - Gifts Under $20

These large ball-shaped ice pieces will keep any drink cool. Especially a whiskey! If you want to site back in the summer and sip an ice-cooled drink, you can’t go past gifts under 20 bucks.



43. Guinness World Records Construction Challenge

Guinness World Records Construction Challenge - Gifts Under $20

If you know someone who’s a competitive beast, then this gift at under $20 will have them chomping at the bit. Tackle the Tower or build the Bridge, either way, the opportunity is there to set a new world construction record. Now thems bragging rights not easily stripped.



44. ‘You’re Beautiful, Don’t Change’ – Gardenia & Orange Soap

In a world that is constantly changing isn’t it beautiful to find someone who you never want to change. Here’s a cheap gift costing less than $20 that will melt the heart of your lovely lady. They’ll be glowing because of the soap and your thoughtfulness.



45. Comic & Caricature Drawing Kits

Comic & Caricature Drawing Kits - Gifts Under $20

Before cameras almost everyone would draw and sketch. Give this gift for under $20 and you can revive an art from the past. With instruction booklet and all drawing tools included, all that needs to be added is time and imagination and your inner Picasso.



46. Desktop Duck Shooting Game

Desktop Duck Shooting Game - Gifts Under $20

Roll up! Roll up! For under $20 this Duck Shooting game will resurrect all the fun of the fair. Buy this gift for under $20 and you’ll have everyone vying for a turn to be “Deadeye Dick”. But remember, play safe!



47. Why You’re So Awesome – Fill in the Blanks Booklet

Why You're So Awesome - Fill in the Blanks Booklet - Gifts Under $20

They say money can’t buy love but for under $20 you can purchase this gift that will leave the recipient in no doubt how much you think of them. This is the perfect gift for that awesome friend, sibling or parent and the perfect way to put thoughts into words.



48. Doctor Who Dalek Clip On Book Light

Doctor Who Dalek Clip On Book Light - Gifts Under $20

If you know a devoted Doctor Who fan, then they’ll love this gift for under $20. This Dalek Book Light will provide optimum light when reading the latest sci-fi and can be a terrific travelling tool. It will ensure they’re never left in the dark again.



49. Paper Aeroplane Kit

Paper Aeroplane Kit - Gifts Under $20

Up, up and away, that’s the challenge in front of you if you buy this aeroplane kit for less than $20. Bring back a blast from the past with 60 planes to make. Kids and adults alike will have hours of flying fun trying to send their plane skywards.

It’s not how much you spend that people remember, it’s how you make them feel.

If you can show somebody you understand (and appreciate) their quirky sense of humour, that you remember their weird hobby, or if you can make them double over in laughter, your gift will be remembered for years to come. Not bad for gifts under $20, right?

Often our best memories are not the times we went to a fancy restaurant with our partner, it’s when we had a spontaneous picnic. We don’t always remember the first moment we met our friends, but we remember when they picked us up from the airport. It’s the little things that make friends and family special. A gift under $20 is only a little money, but creates a special memory.

But of course you can’t just pick any gifts under $20 to have that effect. You’ve got to pick the right gifts under $20. And for each person that gift may be different. That’s why we hand-picked 49 epic gifts under $20 so you’re guaranteed to find the perfect present for your loved one, friend, or colleague.

This selection of gifts targets one and all, and shows that you won’t just settle for getting them anything but rather, want to buy them a gift that says, “I know exactly who you are”.

What a selection of awesome gifts at under $20! You haven’t had to break the bank, take out a loan or hit up Mum and Dad for dosh for their own present. Buy one of these gifts and you’ll show you’ve got a wise head on your shoulders and a skill for seeking out the unique.