49 Awesome Gifts Under $10

Looking to quickly find affordable but awesome gifts under $10? Good work. You’re in the right place.

Whether you have to tick off a long list of christmas gifts for friends and family, are involved in a kris kringle, or simply want a fun birthday present, these 49 fun and affordable gifts under $10 can make your shopping fast and easy.

Aside from saving money, buying gifts under $10 is way more fun than buying gifts for $100. When you’re spending $100 we are more conservative in our choices because we don’t want to waste $100.

But when we’re buying something for $10 we can take more of a risk. If they don’t like the gift, it’s not a big loss. But aside from making our shopping more fun, our friend or family member receiving the gift is happier.

Why? There’s more of a chance we surprise them with something they absolutely LOVE. Whether it’s Emoji stickers or the ‘Mom’ Is For Mother, Not Maid book, you can find something truly unique. Forget the boring sweaters for $100, we find the fun gifts for $10. I mean, Zombie Wall Stickers aren’t something you expect to receive. But you can’t believe it when you do.

When giving a gift, it’s often said that it’s the thought that counts. Well that’s the case here because without spending a fortune, in fact, spending less than $10 you can give an awesome gift. Awesome doesn’t mean expensive. Awesome means fun and unforgettable. Can you do that with gifts under $10? Absolutely.

Whether it’s meant to be tongue-in-cheek, a gift full of meaning, something practical, there’s no need to break the bank with these 49 awesome gifts under $10. And if you want even more gifts under $10, check out the entire range of gifts under $10 here.


Affordable Gifts Under $10 For Everyone On Your List

1. Thinking Putty

Thinking Putty - Gifts Under $10

A clever, modestly priced gift with applications only limited by your imagination. Thinking Putty relieves stress, make shapes and images, bounces like a ball or can be stretched to the max and it just won’t rip. Guaranteed to provide hours of fun and entertainment for kids and adults alike.



2. Happy Chocolate Bar

Happy Chocolate Bar - Gifts Under $10

A  gift under $10 that’s guaranteed to bring happiness. That could be a challenge you say. Not at all, gift the Happy Chocolate Bar and when you see that ear to ear chocolate grin you’ll know you’ve hit the target.



3. T-Rex Hand Puppet

T-Rex Hand Puppet - Gifts Under $10

You really have to hand it to this gift under $10. Just add a T-Rex roar and the hand puppet leaps  into life. Whether it’s used for kids’ plays, in the classroom or just for scaring the daylights out of friends, once it’s on, you’ll be transported back to the dinosaur days of old.



4. Self-Adhesive Beard

Self-Adhesive Beard - Gifts Under $10

Is your mate struggling to grow a few whiskers? Or perhaps they’ve run out of time to grow a Mo for Movember. No matter how hairy the problem is or isn’t, here’s the solution—give an instant face of fur for under $10.



5. I Love You Chocolate Bar

I Love You Chocolate Bar - Gifts Under $10

Perhaps money can’t buy love, but chocolate can. Give this I Love You Chocolate Bar as a gift priced under $10 and you’ll be smothered in hugs, kisses and chocolate. The trouble is now every time you say those three little words they’ll expect another choccie bar.



6. Lava In A Bottle

Lava In A Bottle - Gifts Under $10

Got a friend with a little mad scientist in them. Give them Lava In A Bottle as a gift and they can create controlled, vividly colourful explosions in their own little laboratory. Be prepared to be amazed as the fizzy tint tablets transform into a kaleidoscope of bubbling colour.



7. Light Bulb LED Keyring

Light Bulb LED Keyring - Gifts Under $10

The Light Bulb LED Keyring is a really bright gift for under $10. How often do you wish you had a light to find the keyhole, or pick up the change you dropped or to read a map? Give this to friends and family and they’ll never be left fumbling in the dark again.



8. RoboHook – The Magnetic Hanger

RoboHook - The Magnetic Hanger - Gifts Under $10

For a gift less than $10, this gift will have you hooked. RoboHook’s magnetised arm will stick to any magnetic surface, providing the perfect hook for tea towels, keys, the all precious bottle opener or any other kitchen utensil. Also provided is a singular screw if you choose to use RoboHook on a non-magnetic surface, like a bathroom door for hand towels.



9. Volcano Grow Your Own Dinosaur

Volcano Grow Your Own Dinosaur - Gifts Under $10

Looking to make a big impact with a $10 gift. Friends and family will enjoy waiting to see which dinosaur emerges from their volcano. Just add water and 24 hours later will emerge a fearsome triceratops or a powerful brontosaurus. And once you have one it will need company so collect all six prehistoric mammals.



10. A Gift For Baby’s Christening Book

A Gift For Baby's Christening Book - Gifts Under $10

“Jesus loves the little children”, goes the well known hymn and with Baby’s Christening Book this message will be heard loud and clear. Filled with prayers and bible verses your little one will learn all about God’s love as you read to them each night. And soon you’ll be amazed as they begin reciting them back to you.



11. Smiley Poo Mini Jug

Smiley Poo Mini Jug - Gifts Under $10

Here’s our only gift under $10 that’s crappy. Gift a smiling Poo Mini Jug and all the poo jokes will come tumbling out. Serving afternoon tea will never be the same again as you ask, “Would you like one lump or two, in your coffee?”



12. Disguise Your Lunch – Sandwich Bags

Disguise Your Lunch - Sandwich Bags - Gifts Under $10

Disguise Your Lunch Sandwich Bags are a great gift to deter those thieving lunch burglars. No longer will they be able to sneak a peek at your super sangers you spent all of last night preparing. You can relax, knowing that gourmet treat will survive until lunch.



13. Raleigh Chopper Mug – Born To Ride

Raleigh Chopper Mug - Born To Ride - Gifts Under $10

If you’re brave enough this mug makes a great gift under $10 for that tough, rugged biker who loves his early morning brew. Or perhaps for one of the lycra brigade that take themselves a little bit too seriously. While they see themselves as serious road warriors, you’ll bring them to a crashing halt with this tongue-in-cheek gift.



14. Devil Duckie – Bath Toy

Devil Duckie – Bath Toy - Gifts Under $10

Bath time should always have a little devilish fun attached. And you’re never too old to have company in the bath. This cheap gift priced under $10 will help you relax in a hot, soothing tub and reminisce about all those times you were naughty.



15. Marital Bliss Chocolate

Marital Bliss Chocolate - Gifts Under $10

Marriage is all about giving and taking, sharing and caring. This delicious chocolate bar priced reasonably at under $10 reinforces these mantras. Hang on, take a closer look, that’s not a fair split – she gets the lion’s share, but then again, ‘happy wife; happy life’.



16. Smiling Poo Keyring

Smiling Poo Keyring - Gifts Under $10

We use keys all the time. Opening the door, getting in the car, locking the office. The Smiling Poo Keyring, priced at under $10 is in no way a crappy gift. It’s there to remind you every time you take out your keys, relax a little and don’t take life too seriously.



17. Superman Logo Pewter Lapel Pin | Man of Steel DC Comics

Superman Logo Pewter Lapel Pin | Man of Steel DC Comics - Gifts Under $10

He may not be faster than a speeding bullet or able to leap tall buildings but he’s your Superman. The Superman Logo Pewter Lapel Pin is the perfect not so pricey gift for your man of steel. And what man doesn’t like having his ego stroked.



18. “M” is For Mother, Not For Maid Book

"M" is For Mother, Not For Maid Book - Gifts Under $10

Looking for a gift for the Mum who’s done so much for you but you can’t afford to break the bank. This quirky, witty book full of humorous quotes and images will bring a wry smile to your Mum’s face. As she flicks through the pages, get her a cup of tea, give her a hug and tell her you’ll never take her for granted.



19. Learn To Speak Cat – The Purrfect Guide

Learn To Speak Cat - The Purrfect Guide - Gifts Under $10

Even to cat lovers the cat’s mind is a mystery. Help your cat loving friend decipher one of life’s great puzzles by giving them the Learn to Speak Cat Guide. This affordable book priced under $10 will help them ensure that from now on, their cat has the purrfect life.



20. Bacon Flavoured Lip Balm

Bacon Flavoured Lip Balm - Gifts Under $10

Bacon Flavoured Lip Balm for under $10 is guaranteed to have you licking your lips. Dry lips are annoying and while lip balms moisten the lips, they lack pizazz. Solve the problem by giving Bacon Flavoured Balm.



21. World’s Best Teenager Award

World’s Best Teenager Award - Gifts Under $10

It’s not easy being the World’s Best Teenager, a little appreciation wouldn’t go astray. Try a little reverse psychology or positive reinforcement with this tongue in cheek award for your precious teenager.




22. Bacon Flavoured Mints

Bacon Flavoured Mints - Gifts Under $10

On those long road trips you need something to give you a little spark. What better than having bacon flavoured mints in the glove box? They’re certain to hold off that famous enquiry, “Are we there yet”.



23. Magic Vibrating Head Massager

Magic Vibrating Head Massager - Gifts Under $10

Here’s a cheap gift under $10 that will help relieve the stress of that mother of all days. Give a friend or family member the Magic Vibrating Head Massager and soon the frustrations of the day will melt away. Simple to use solo or perhaps a caring partner will do the honours.



24. It’s A Beautiful Day, Don’t F*ck It Up – Gardenia & Orange Soap

It’s A Beautiful Day, Don’t F*ck It Up - Gardenia & Orange Soap - Gifts Under $10

You awaken blurry eyed and head for the bathroom, task one, wash your face. By giving this less than $10 soap you’re giving much more than a bar of soap. You’re giving a daily reminder that every day can be beautiful, so don’t F*ck it up.



25. Shark Stubby Holder

Shark Stubby Holder - Gifts Under $10

The Shark Stubby Holder, priced at under $10 will keep pesky, unwanted hands off your precious beer. Perfect for the backyard BBQ or when lazing at the beach, the stubby holder will keep your beer ice cold. Cheers, keep the coldies coming!



26. Lemon Wedge Tea Infuser | Sunnylife

Lemon Wedge Tea Infuser | Sunnylife - Gifts Under $10

The making of a great cup of tea shouldn’t be rushed. Give the Lemon Wedge Tea Infuser and the next cuppa will be made in the long honoured, traditional manner. The method is easy so you can relax, take a deep breath, put your feet up, sip and enjoy.



27. Shapes & Numbers Birthday Sparkler Candles

Shapes & Numbers Birthday Sparkler Candles - Gifts Under $10

With Shapes & Numbers Birthday Sparkler candles your gift can be the centrepiece of the celebration. It’s impressive when a gift costing under $10 can bring so much delight. Everyone will ooh and aah as the super safe sparklers light up that special occasion cake.



28. Just How You Like It Notebook Mugs

Just How You Like It Notebook Mugs - Gifts Under $10

It shouldn’t be annoying but it is, repeatedly having to tell others how we take our tea or coffee. Well, here’s one irksome chore fixed. For under ten dollars you can give a mug which tells it exactly how you like is-tea milk and one sugar or coffee no cream.



29. Zombie Wall Stickers

Zombie Wall Stickers - Gifts Under $10

Zombie Wall stickers make a great, cheap gift for the teenager or youngster with a fascination with zombies. Bedroom walls can be adorned with readily removable zombie stickers, transforming a dull room into the crypt of the walking dead. This gift, priced under $10 really is a no brainer.



30. A Year of Sex! Card Game

A Year of Sex! Card Game - Gifts Under $10

A Year of Sex Card Game is the perfect cheeky gift for your partner or spouse, with a fair bit of spice thrown in. When you tire of dull television offerings or you’re at a loss of what to do on those long, cold winter nights, pull out any one of the three sexy card games. The suggestion of a game of cards will have never been greeted with such enthusiasm.



31. ‘I’m Here, What Were Your Next Two Wishes?’ – Lavender & Vanilla Soap

'I'm Here, What Were Your Next Two Wishes?' - Lavender & Vanilla Soap - Gifts Under $10

Here’s a well priced gift costing under $10 that will remind the someone special in your life how important you are to them. Every time they shower they’ll get a warm fuzzy feeling, crack a smile and ponder the other two wishes. You’ve granted the first, perhaps you can help with the next two.



32. Tabletop Trivia Quiz Card Games

Tabletop Trivia Quiz Card Games - Gifts Under $10

Having trouble finding an awesome gift under $10 can be a challenging pursuit. Here’s the solution. Give the Tabletop Trivia Quiz Card Games and hours of enjoyable fun awaits quizzing each other on any of the eight categories. Test your knowledge of Music, Food, Sport, Movies and more.



33. Stick Man Ninja Wall Stickers

Stick Man Ninja Wall Stickers - Gifts Under $10

Stick Man Ninja Wall Stickers are the perfect cheap gift for teenagers who wants to strike out and make a statement about how tough they are. Six action stick figures will chop, kick and slice their way across the wall. And unlike your teenager growing up, they won’t mark the walls.



34. Grow Your Own Boyfriend

Grow Your Own Boyfriend - Gifts Under $10

Do you have a friend who just can’t find Mr Right? Well here’s the answer. For under $10 you can get her a Grow Your Own Boyfriend. He’s a great listener and will do exactly as he’s told. Just add water and unlike most boyfriends he’ll grow up before your eyes.



35. 10-in-1 Stainless Steel Multi-Tool Card

10-in-1 Stainless Steel Multi-Tool Card - Gifts Under $10

This 10-in-1 Multi Tool Card is a great cheap gift for the handyman, the outdoors man or the camper. No more scrambling around in messy tool kits. All the nifty tools you need at a drop of a hat are in one place. Tighten that annoying screw then crack a coldie with your 10-in-1 Stainless Steel Multi-Tool Card.



36. Sex After 40 Novelty Book

Sex After 40 Novelty Book - Gifts Under $10

This book is a great gag gift for a partner or best friend who’s past that magic number. Watch their imagination explode as they rip off the wrapping paper. Seduction advice, new positions, spicy games.



37. Handy Telescopic Back Scratcher

Handy Telescopic Back Scratcher - Gifts Under $10

Know someone with an itch they just can’t scratch? Here’s an affordable gift priced under $10 that will bring instant relief. This handy back scratcher gets to all those hard to reach places. All you have to do is scratch and let out a sigh of relief.



37. World’s Smallest Kite

World's Smallest Kite - Gifts Under $10

The world’s smallest kite fits snugly in your pocket and comes out and plays whenever there’s a breeze. These bird design kites will be a winner at the picnic, the walk in the park or the playground and make a terrific gift at under $10.



38. Little Boxes Of Random Fun

Little Boxes Of Random Fun - Gifts Under $10

Do you know someone who’s a smart alec know-it-all. The Little Box of Random Fun is a great way to stump them. Bring out a box of dumb questions, silly celebrity quotes or any of the eight options and watch them flounder when they’re out of their comfort zone.



39. Night Walker Flashing Shoelace Lights

Night Walker Flashing Shoelace Lights - Gifts Under $10

Flashing Shoelace Lights make a top gift under $10 for the young or young at heart. Perfect for the kid who likes to be the life of the party or the camper who’s forever stumbling around in the dark. Now that’s a bright idea for a present.



40. Smuttiness Fines Money Tin

Smuttiness Fines Money Tin - Gifts Under $10

The best way to curb a bad habit is to hit them in the hip pocket. Does your home or office have a secret farter, a grumpy old man, a foul mouthed tyrant, a Facebook addict or a bullshitter? For less than $10 the Fines Money Tin will lighten their wallet…problem solved.



41. ‘You’re Beautiful, Don’t Change’ – Gardenia & Orange Soap

'You're Beautiful, Don't Change' - Gardenia & Orange Soap - Gifts Under $10

In a world that’s constantly changing isn’t it beautiful to find someone who you never want to change. Here’s a cheap gift costing less than $10 that will melt the heart of your lovely lady. They’ll be glowing because of the soap and your thoughtfulness.



42. Love Coupons IOU

Love Coupons IOU - Gifts Under $10

Here’s a great way to keep the communication lines open and let your partner know it’s time to spice up your life. For under $10 you can give them a book of Love Coupons IOU. Let them know you owe them a dinner, a trip to the movies or even a romantic evening in. They’ll appreciate you appreciating them.



43. Slip On Silicone Shoelaces

Slip On Silicone Shoelaces - Gifts Under $10

Here’s the solution to a knotty problem. Kids will be able to easily slip on their runners or shoes without having to stress about knots and loose laces. They’ll love the vibrant colours and their new found confidence and independence from being able to put on their shoes just like the big kids.



44. Glow In The Dark Love Dice

Glow In The Dark Love Dice - Gifts Under $10

Sometimes in life you just have to roll the dice just to see what comes up. If you and your partner want to spice up your love life, here’s guaranteed excitement. Spin the dice, one tells what action and the other tells you where to do it. Saucy fun doesn’t come much cheaper than this at less than $10.



45. Breathtaking Vacuum Wine Bottle Stopper

Breathtaking Vacuum Wine Bottle Stopper - Gifts Under $10

There’s nothing more annoying than that unfinished expensive bottle of wine spoiling. Well, for less than $10 you can ensure that never happens again. Simply vacuum seal the bottle by placing in the stopper and giving a few pumps with your thumb. Cheers and bottoms up!



46. Sizzling Bacon Popping Candy

Sizzling Bacon Popping Candy - Gifts Under $10

Some people have a sweet tooth, others favour savoury treats but everyone loves bacon. But here’s the problem, you haven’t always got a sizzling pan and a side of bacon. Now the problem’s solved. Give your friend Sizzling Bacon Popping Candy and they can pop one on their tongue and utter those famous words “Mmm… bacon”.



If the pennies are a little tight or you’ve emptied the piggy bank and found you’ve got less than $10 and you thought you couldn’t give a gift full of meaning, then you were wrong. The gifts above prove that with only a little money and a lot of imagination you can come up trumps.