37 Awesome Christmas Gifts For Wife


It’s especially hard to buy christmas gifts for wife. Not because you don’t know what they want (they’ll tell you), but because there are so many occasions to buy her a gift. Her birthday. Christmas. Your anniversary. Valentine’s Day. There’s always an occasion to buy a gift for your wife, the only thing missing is often just the idea. As a happy wife creates a happy life, here are 39 awesome christmas gifts for wife to leave your better half smiling.


Creative Christmas Gifts For Wife

1. GPO Opal Retro Push Button Telephone

christmas gifts for wife

If your wife watches Downton Abbey or finds the olden days romantic, she will love this retro telephone. And if she considers herself a hipster, she’ll be ringing her friends to tell them about her awesome new phone.



2. Wonder Woman Chair Cape | DC Comics

Is your wife a real life superhero? Do you wonder how she gets everything done and still has a smile? If so, this is the chair cape for her. That’s right, a Wonder Woman cape on a chair. What better way to show her she’s your superhero?



3. Wine From Around The World Retro Tin Sign

There’s no doubt your wife knows champagne is from France but does she know where a merlot or pinot grigio is from? This Wine From Around The World Sign will teach her where a number of popular and boutique wines are grown. She’ll be able to show off her wine knowledge at your next get-together.



4. The Little Book Of Happiness

This Little Book Of Happiness will put a big smile on your wife’s face—every day. She can read a page here and there and enjoy a quote from histories happiest people. If she’s ever having a difficult day, she can count on this book to be a ray of sunshine.



5. Grumpy Cat Scarf

Does your wife have a resting bitch face? If so, the grumpy cat could be her spirit animal. This scarf will mean she doesn’t have to go it alone with her downturned lips, she will always have the grumpy cat there by her side.



6. GPO Vintage Attache Portable Turntable Record Player

Having a turntable is the hipster trend. But really, what’s the point of having something trendy if you can’t show it off to your friends? Luckily this Turntable Record Player is portable so you can take it to all your parties and show it off. Buy this gift for your wife and you’ll be grooving all night long.



7. Things To Do Now That You’re… Birthday Books

If your wife is turning 40, 50 or 60 the matching book from this book set is ideal for her. Life changes as you age and these books confront those changes in a fun and cheeky way. You’ve got to be able to laugh at yourself, and this book will help your wife do just that.



8. Magic Vibrating Head Massager

christmas gifts for wife

Tired of giving your wife a head massage? This is the gift for you to give your wife. A Vibrating Head Massager will do your work for you. Give her this bliss and she can unwind each day with a relaxing head massage.



9. The “I Love” Book

If you aren’t a casanova or natural love poet, this is the perfect book to give your misses. It’s full of statements “I love how you are both…[ ] Wise & Innocent… [ ] Shy & brave”. All you have to do is tick the boxes. All the sentiment with half the trouble! Plus it’s a big book so your wife can receive many beautiful messages from you.



10. Designer Garden Trowel | Sunnylife

If your wife has a green thumb or is just getting into gardening—let her do it in style. Gardening doesn’t have to be all ugly overalls and pragmatic plain tools. This designer Trowel brings some much-needed sophistication to any contemporary garden.



11. “M” is For Mother, Not For Maid Book

christmas gifts for wife

Mums don’t always get the credit they deserve so gift your wife this book to show her how appreciated she is. Mums do an endless stream of tasks, from shopping to helping with homework—often along with her professional job. Let her know that while it may not be easy, you know how much of an impact she has on you and your children.



12. Lady Of The House Downton Abbey Mug

If you’re the lord of your manor, then your wife is the lady of the house. This official Downton Abbey mug will leave her with a classy feeling every time she has a cup of tea.



13. Where Chefs Eat – Book | Phaidon Press

Husbands everywhere know the frustration of asking your wife where she wants to eat and not getting a definite answer. This book is your saviour. Instead of asking her, you can refer to this book instead. It tells you the best restaurants and their best recipes in cities around the world. Never have a dodgy dinner again.



14. ‘Get Sh*t Done, Later’ Ladies Socks

If your wife suffers from chronic procrastination… she’ll appreciate these socks. And she’ll appreciate that you understand her enough to buy her a fitting gift. Also, if you’re a chronic procrastinator, you better buy them for her ASAP!



15. Customisable Glass Photo Coasters

Your wife will flip out over these coasters. Say goodbye to the boring wooden coasters currently sitting on your coffee table, these glass coasters allow you to put your own photos in them. No need to clog up wall space with pictures of your kids, you can show them off on your coffee table!



16. Coffee Facts Mug

Your wife is sitting back with her cup of coffee and the caffeine kicks in. What better time to learn about coffee than that? This mug is adorned with all the important coffee facts so your wife can become a coffee connoisseur and compete on coffee knowledge with any Melbourne hipster.



17. Letters Scrabble Silicone Trivet | Peleg Design

Letters Scrabble Silicone Trivet

Instead of putting your hot dishes down on a boring old wooden board, this Trivet adds some character to your kitchen table. Whether you have friends around or a night with the family, your wife will be excited to show off her homely Scrabble Silicone Trivet.



18. Scotty Dog Doorstop | Slate

There are few animals cuter than a Scottish hound. And while the real life hounds make a mess of your shoes, backyard and couch, a Scotty Dog Doorstop is all the cuteness without any of the drama. If your wife considers herself a dog-lover, she will adore this doorstop.



19. Game Of Scones Cook Book


If your wife fantasizes about living in the Game of Throne world, this glorious cookbook filled with gory but delicious treats is right up her alley. She can imagine she’s dining alongside The Mother of Dragons, The Kingslayer, or perhaps the amusing company of Tyrion Lannister.



20. Glitter Vortex Lamp

This groovy lamp will add a touch of the 70s to your living room or bedroom—wherever your wife decides to put it. As it glows and glitters, she’ll be reminded of what a thoughtful husband you are. That’s not a bad reminder to have sitting around!



21. Magic Tray Bedside Touch Lamp

The Magic Tray Bedside Touch Lamp is the ideal place for your wife to store her keys, phone, wallet and glasses—they’ll never get lost again. What’s more, it can save her having to turn a lamp on in the middle of the night and waking you up—a gift for everyone.



22. The Wine Glass Bottle

The wine glass bottle is the ultimate present for any busy wife or Mum who deals with lots of stress. It’s so big that she can still have one glass while getting all the relaxation that she needs.



23. Luminara Scented Flameless Wax Candles

LED flameless birthday candles

Finally—a relaxing candle that won’t burn down. It has all the fragrant smells of a scented candle, and the glimmering light, but it is powered by a battery rather than a flame—not that you can tell. At the end of a stressful day, you and your wife can sit back and relax with these peaceful candles.



24. Vintage Electric Station Clock 60cm | Newgate

Add some retro style to your home with Vintage Clock. While it looks like it belongs in the 1950s, your wife will be glad to receive it this year as a gift. Why? Great style is timeless.



25. Rainy Day Garden Planter Boot

These Plantar Boots are “To die for,” as your wife will say when she receives them as a gift. You can grow some herbs in them, like mint and basil, and keep the boots in your kitchen. That way when you or your wife are cooking you can simply reach for some fresh herbs. Since you are getting a gift for your wife, show her how to use the Boots and cook her a delicious dinner filled with fresh herbs.



26. Tabletop Entertainment Card Games

Nothing brings a family together better than a board game. You’re laughing together and being silly—you can’t ask for much more than that. These Card Games will get your family having a great time, and to your wife, that’s a priceless present.



27. iCrib Tablet Bean Bag Pillow

Does your wife ever get you to hold your tablet or iPad while you watch Netflix or a movie together? That can be annoying. Solve your problem and give her a thoughtful gift by buying this iCrib Tablet Bean Bag Pillow. She can watch her show, and you both have your hands free to relax.



28. Ask Me About My Cats Ladies T-Shirt

Is your wife a cat lady? Does she simply love telling you about their latest adventures and cute quirks? If so, buy her this shirt and she’ll be able to tell everyone her crazy cat stories.



29. Automatic Hand Bag Light | SOI

Purses are truly incredible. They look like they could carry 6-7 small objects, but somehow you can manage to fit a seamless amount of accessories, products, and gadgets in there. Instead of your wife having to sort through all those bits and pieces in the dark, this light will let her see what she’s doing.



30. Comic & Caricature Drawing Kits

Would your wife enjoy being the caricature queen? If so this is the gift for her. Buy it for her, and when guests come to visit your home, they will leave with a personalised caricature of themselves. Plus it’ll work out well for you—caricatures exaggerate your best features so you’ll have some extra good looking pictures of yourself.



31. Rainbow Umbrella

If your wife is the type of women that is a rainbow on a cloudy day—this gift matches her perfectly. When the rain comes out, she can put up this Rainbow Umbrella and continue on her merry way.



32. Mighty Wine Glass: Never Tips Over

Nothing ruins a fun night more than a big grape stain on the carpet—which is bound to happen once a few wines have been enjoyed. To avoid the grape stain, you have two options. The first is to stop drinking wine—what a terrible option! The second idea is your saviour—a wine glass that never tips over. No matter how tipsy your wife gets, her wine glass won’t tip.



33. I Love You Chocolate Bar

Nothing says I love you like chocolate—say it twice with this chocolate bar. Once on the wrapper, and once with the tasty chocolate. If you ever get in your wife’s bad books, this gift is a surefire winner to get you back on her good side.



34. Enchanted Unicorn Light-Up Slippers

These enchanting slippers will keep your wife’s feet warm and toasty on those cold winter nights. While they may not be something your wife will wear down the street, they are something fun she can wear after her serious day at work.



35. Cake In A Mug – Chocolate Cake in 3 Minutes

Is your wife so busy she barely gets time for a treat? This Cake in a Mug is quick to cook so even the busiest Mums can get to treat themselves every once in awhile. Sometimes the microwave is required for busy Mums, this gift takes advantage of that.



36. Cast Iron Bird Feeder

Having birds near your windowsill or in your backyard can make your relaxation time more enjoyable. It’s always a treat when your feathered friends come to visit, and now you can make those visits more regular by enticing them with this Cast Iron Bird Feeder.



37. Rechargeable Bottle Light

Simply put this light in an empty wine bottle and it will produce some beautiful ambient light. While the light may look like a normal cork when it sits in the empty wine bottle, the glow it produces is amazing. It’s great as a centrepiece when you’re sitting around chatting with a group of friends or family.



Now you’ve seen 39 christmas gifts for wife. Which one matches her personality best? Better yet, which 3 or 4 match her the best? After all, while you may only need to buy one gift now, you know 3 or 4 occasions such as birthdays, Christmas and Valentine’s Day are just around the corner! Don’t forget, a happy wife leads to a happy life!