GIFTS FOR MOTHER IN LAW: What She Really Wants

You need gifts for mother in law because your mother-in-law is a very special person in your life and she a deserves a gift that lets her know just that. Below is a range of really clever, quirky, practical and endearing gifts that will make your mother-in-law a very happy in-law.

Surprising Gifts For Mother In Law

1. Enjoy Scented Flameless Classic Wax Candles

LED flameless birthday candles

These classic flameless candles make a really thoughtful gifts for mother-in-law. Now she can have the soft flickering light and fragrant scent of a candle without having to worry about a naked flame. Little fingers won’t get burnt and a timer means there’s no worry about nodding off to sleep.


2. 1960s Retro Style Desk Telephone Series 746 | Wild & Wolf

If your mother-in-law often laments how much simpler things were in her day, then this gifts for mother in law will ring true. Give your mother-in-law a fully functioning 60s retro desk telephone and she’ll be telling you, the sound’s clearer, the ringtones louder and it’s such a relief not to have to deal with tiny keyboards.


3. KEVO Bluetooth Enabled Lock

The key to this gifts for mother in law is all the added security it brings. If your gifts for mother-in-law is an up-to-date tech head then she can activate her amazing Bluetooth lock through her smartphone. No more fumbling at locks with keys, just simply use the app. And when she’s away, she can send you an eKey so you can swing by to water the plants.


4. Double Herb Container – Grow Two Of Your Favourite Herbs

If your mother-in-law has a green thumb and loves adding flavours to that special Sunday roast, then this is a great gift for her. With this gift, her kitchen will double as her garden and she’ll be able to sprinkle herbs straight from pot to plate. How convenient is that?



5. Lonely Planet Ultimate Travelist Book

If your mother-in-law is compiling a travel bucket list then this is a fantastic gift for her. She’ll truly appreciate this book because the world’s foremost authority has detailed and ranked the 500 top travel adventures. And once she’s made her choices, you can guess who’s going to be her airport taxi service.


6. Heat Feet: Microwavable Slippers

If your mother-in-law feels the cold on those chilly winter mornings then she’ll find a warm place in her heart for you when you give her a pair of microwavable slippers. All that’s required is for her to slip the silicone warming bags into the microwave, heat them up and slide them back into her slippers. Ahhh! Toasty toes at the touch of a button.

7. The Little Book Of Love

Mother-in-laws can often be the butt of jokes but it’s all really tongue in cheek. The truth be known you love her for all the wonderful things she does for you and your family. Well here’s the chance to show her how much you appreciate her by giving her The Little Book of Love. The book is full of heartfelt words and images and you can even add your own special touch.


8. Flavours of Urban Melbourne (2nd Ed.): Restaurant Guide & Recipe Book

If your mother-in-law’s a foodie and a masterchef then this guide makes the perfect gift. The guide will help her navigate around 120 of the best restaurants, bars and cafes in the world’s most livable city. And what’s more, head chef’s have relinquished their signature recipes for your mother-in-law to have a crack at herself.


9. Pink Flamingo Watering Can

This colourful watering can is the perfect gift for the mother-in-law who loves to potter in her garden. Nice and light, easy to spot and with enough volume to quench her hanging baskets, it’ll make the perfect garden companion.


10. The Little Book Of Mums

There is definitely something universal about the love a mother has for her offspring. It’s here to see in this book in all its vibrant glory with stunning images and motherly quotes. Your mother-in-law will love this gift and appreciate that what you’re really saying is that she’s been a great mum too!


11. Older, Wiser… Sexier – Hard Cover Books

Any mother-in-law with a sense of humour will love this hilarious book. It’s full of humdinger quotes, ditties and stories about those who are getting a little longer in the tooth. Just reassure her when you give her this gift that she’s still a spring chicken.


12. Nest™ 5 Piece Utensils Set | Joseph Joseph

This classy 5 piece utensil set makes a great gift for the mother-in-law who loves to cook. The set includes a spatula, slotted spoon, solid spoon, spaghetti claw and a deep ladle so your mother-in-law can cook up a feast. All you need now is an invitation.


13. Polaframe Fridge Magnet Photo Frames

If you have a mother-in-law who thinks the sun shines out of her grandchildren, then this is the perfect gift for her. Give your mother-in-law these photo frames and her fridge will become a gallery to gloat about. And every time she visits her fridge she’ll get a little blast of love.


14. Wine From Around The World Retro Tin Sign

Retro has returned in a big way so your mother-in-law will appreciate this retro tin sign. Adorned with some of her favourite tipples from around the world it will look great hanging anywhere from the lounge to the outdoor entertaining area. Now who’s for a Chardy?


15. Neon Flamingo Light | Sunnylife

This Neon Flamingo Light will bring a touch of Vegas to any room. Perfect for the bar or pool room, don’t be surprised if your mother-in-law begins channelling a little Elvis or Wayne Newton when you give her this light. And there’s a fair chance you’ll get a drawling “thank-you, thank-you very much”.


16. Cute ‘Break Mates’ Pug Mug & Cookie Holder

Who said a dog is a man’s best friend. Give this to your mother-in-law and the Pug Mug will become her best friend. And why not? A mug that can serve up a well-earned cuppa and carry a cookie at the same time is an automatic bestie.


17. Floating Light – Turn Any Glass into a Lamp!

If your mother-in-law is one of those clever, crafty women who can magically create a retro vibe, then this floating light will float her boat. Take her op-shopping for the perfect crystal or glass for her new light and watch as she transforms a dull corner into a nifty little nook.


18. Burger Tea Towel

The Burger Tea Towel is a fun addition to any kitchen. Although beware, when you give this as a gift, your mother in law may think it’s your way of offering to do the dishes!



19. Flavours Of Urban Sydney: Recipe Book

Give your own Lady Grantham this Lady of the House Mug and she’ll be rightly chuffed. Your mother-in-law will know you hold her in the highest esteem when you give her this stately mug.


20. Customisable Glass Photo Coasters

These Photo Coasters are the perfect gift for the mother-in-law who loves to show off snaps of the family. Passing out the coasters to her friends will be her chance to give them all the latest mail on her super little grandkids.


21. “Help!” Beatles Lyrics Cup & Saucer

If your mother-in-law was a fan of the fab four, then she’ll swoon over this gift. IMAGINE her delight as she unwraps her Beatles cup and saucer. She’ll know that she’s well loved and not a member of Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, and as she sips from her cup, her memories of her beloved Beatles will seem like YESTERDAY.


22. Magic Tray Bedside Touch Lamp

Here’s a clever gift to ensure your mother-in-law doesn’t have to fumble around in the dark looking for her glasses, phone or pills. This bedside tray lights up at the touch of a hand so anything that must be kept in reach will be simple to locate. You may have to tell her though that no matter how hard she rubs the lamp, there ain’t no genie.


23. iCrib Tablet Bean Bag Pillow

This Tablet Bean Bag is designed to take the discomfort out of using your tablet when propped up in bed or on the couch. Give this tablet cushion to your mother-in-law and she can say goodbye to that stiff neck and sore shoulders. And why shouldn’t she be comfortable when she’s skyping the grandkids?


24. Sausage Dog Dachshund Bookends | Set of 2

If your mother-in-law loves dogs then she’ll love her sausage dog bookends. It’s capable of holding a set of encyclopedias or just a favourite novel or two. Perhaps Lassie, the Hounds of the Baskervilles or Red Dog.


25. Little Boxes Of Random Fun

There are 8 great little boxes to choose from when selecting a random fun box to give to your mother-in-law. Bad jokes may take her fancy or perhaps silly celebrity quotes, it doesn’t matter. What matters is all the fun and laughter that will be had as she has her guests in stitches.


26. Rainy Day Garden Planter Boot

These ceramic baby boot planters come in a vibrant range of colours and are a great fit for your mother-in-law’s garden. And what a great way for Nan or Grandma to share her love of gardening. Get a boot for each grandchild and they can have their own little herb garden to nurture.


27. Ornamental Vintage Hot Air Balloons

These ornamental vintage balloons make a great gift for the mother-in-law looking to brighten up her decor. These balloons hang readily and bring vintage charm to any room.


28. Cut To The Cheese Knife Set

If your mother-in-law loves to put out a cheese board when she has guests then this is a really “gouda” gift idea. This five knife cheese set caters for all her cheese favourites, camembert, parmesan, brie and more. It’s not often a cheesy gift is so well received.


29. ‘Let Her Win, She’s Probably Right Anyway’ Socks

There’s nothing more tranquil than cherry blossoms against the morning sky. Give you mother-in-law this mug and the beauty of the blossoms is revealed as the mug fills up with hot water.


30. My Life Story 100 Year Journal | by Suck UK

Everybody has a story to tell and it’s so powerful when it’s written down. Now’s the time for your mother-in-law to put into writing and photos all the momentous moments that make her the wonder she is today. It’ll be guaranteed to become a family best-seller!


31. Doctor Who Dalek Clip On Book Light

If your mother-in-law loves to read in bed then this Dalek Clip On Light is the perfect companion. Give her this light and she’ll swear she heard the Dalek’s robotic voice say, “Take me to your Reader”.


32. Hight Tea Porcelain Bird Feeder

Your mother-in-law will be delighted with this gift of a High Tea bird feeder. One of the reasons she creates such a vibrant, colourful garden is to attract the birds and the bees. She’ll enjoy sitting back with her cuppa and a bickie watching her feathered friends feast as though they were hightailing it at the Windsor.


33. Sewing Kit in a Tin

Here’s a handy little gift for your mother-in-law. Never one to be caught short, you can guarantee she’ll make great use of this kit, whether camping, in the car or her office. Your mother-in-law will be able to show you exactly what she means when she says, “A stitch in time saves nine”.


34. Narwhal USB Heated Slippers

Toasty toes on demand. Now there’s a great gift for your mother-in-law. All she has to do is power up her Narwhal foot warmers with a USB and hey presto, those freezing ‘footsies’ are history.


35. Colour Changing Umbrella

A blast of showery arctic weather will put a dampener on your mother-in-law’s day. But if you give your mother-in-law this umbrella the chances of a brighter outlook is assured. As soon as the rain hits the umbrella it changes from white to vibrant colour. Nothing like carrying your own personal rainbow.


Enjoy Your Gifts For Mother In Law

If you can’t find a gift tailored to suit your mother-in-law’s tastes in the selection above, then she must be a very fussy women.