29 Awesome Gifts Online Australia

If you’re too busy or tied up to get to the shops, then become a modern day shopper. Here’s a range of 29 awesome gifts from Australia that you can purchase online now. You don’t have to leave the convenient comfort of your chair. Sit back, sip a coffee and select. It’s as easy and simple as one, two, three. 

NO. 1

Boutique Beer – The Worlds
Finest Craft Brews


Here’s an awesome gift online from Australia that you can purchase for the mate who’s a connoisseur of craft brews. 500 of the world’s best bevvies are listed and detailed in this beer lover’s bible. He’ll enjoy the opportunity to pursue his next special sip and love being congratulated on being such a knowledgeable boutique beer baron.

NO. 2

Harry Potter
Playing Cards


Here’s an awesome gift online to “snap” up for a friend who loves a game of cards. Give your mate a Potter pack and he’ll magically conjure up the chips and have the cards dealt before you can say “Anapneo” (Harry’s anti-cheating spell).

NO. 3

Jellycat Bashful Bunny ‘When
I Am Big’ Children’s Book


Book’s are windows to the world for young children so purchase online from Australia this lovely story for your little tacker who, like Bashful, can’t wait to grow up. Once they’ve ripped off the wrapping, all you’ll have to do is make room on your lap for the first reading of what’s sure to become a favourite.

NO. 4

Tying Kit


Here’s an awesome gift online from Australia that’s knot to be missed. Everybody needs to learn basic knots, whether it’s for camping, sailing, fishing or tying down the trailer. Buy this kit and you’ll have solved one knotty problem.

NO. 5

Star Wars Droid Kitchen
Storage Set Of 3


Of course in Star Wars they would shop online so it’s no surprise that you’d find this awesome gift online in Australia. Every Star Wars fan will love to have R2-D2 and his astromech buddies as their space-age storage set. Pasta, sugar, salt, rice or any other galactic goodies can be stored as fleet favourites.

NO. 6

Build Your Own
Race Car


An awesome gift online Australia for the mechanically minded is this radical race car. So cleverly constructed, when finished it delivers supersonic speed. Gather friends around and find out who’s Garth Tander as you set new lap records at Bathurst, Eastern Creek or Oran Park.

NO. 7

Create Your Own
Balloon Animals Kit


Here’s an awesome gift online from Australia that will bring pizzazz to any party. With this kit as a party favourite, the “King of the Kids” will have to keep clowning around as they magically transform balloons into butterflies, beetles and bears. With this gift you won’t have to hold your breath to see if it’s a success.

NO. 8

Solar Mechanics
Kit For Kids


This awesome gift online from Australia is the perfect present for the enquiring mind. Your homegrown boffin will thrive on the opportunity to create solar fans, colour wheels, holographic spinners and even a vibrobot, all powered by the mightiest energy force of all and become a super solar scientist.

NO. 9

Tropicool Odd Socks
Socks – 3 pairs


If you know someone who likes to march to the beat of their own drum, then this is an awesome gift for them. That is, they’ll be marching in cool odd socks. At first they may get an odd look or two, but they’ll soon be admired for standing up for the individual within. Sock it to them I say!

NO. 10

Mouse In Ball
Cat Toy


Here’s the purrfect way to remove that “I’m bored” look from your feline friend. Buy this awesome Cat Toy gift online from Australia and you’ll soon have puss cativated. Hours of engagement lie ahead as play ‘n’ squeak becomes a memorable moggy manoeuvre.

NO. 11

Game Of Gnomes
Garden Gnome


Purchase this awesome gift online from Australia and the gnome will, like the Night Watch, forever be the guardian of your garden wall. He’ll protect your castle and your Kingdom and make sure the Iron Throne (garden seat) remains yours and yours alone. And the veggies will never be safer from attack by white walkers, slugs and snails.

NO. 12

Mighty Wine Glass:
Never Tips Over


Here’s the perfect way to ensure you never topple your tipple. Buy this awesome gift online and you can be assured there’ll be no tears over spilt wine. As the night progresses your grip may loosen up a bit but not that of your mighty wine glass.

NO. 13

Junior Unicorn


The Unicorn’s a legend and so is your little tacker. Buy this awesome gift online in Australia, and their room will be transformed into a magical wonderland as the light softly casts the colours of the rainbow. A remote controls the lamp allowing you to turn it off discreetly as your little hero nestles down for the night, just like their unicorn mate.

Fathers Day Messages
NO. 14

Fathers Stein
Beer Glass


This awesome Stein Glass gift online is the solution to the problem, what do I get Dad for Father’s day? As you know, every old mug loves his own mug, especially one that tells it like it is. Once you’ve ceremoniously presented him with his stein, all you have to do is add the finishing touches, topping it up with a crisp cold beer and giving his hammock a gentle swing.

NO. 15

Projector Egg


T-Rex Projector Egg will cast a prehistoric shadow across the bedroom or bathroom as it gallops fiercely across the wall. This awesome gift online from Australia makes a classic gift for the young or young at heart who have a fascination for the time before time.

NO. 16

Oslo Alarm
Clock Collection


Here’s an awesome gift online from Australia that will have more than alarm bells ringing. This classy, classical timepiece is a timeless gift because it never dates and is sure to bring a sense of style to any boudoir. Hurry and order one now ‘cos the clock’s ticking!

NO. 17

Rolldo Rolling Dough
Cutter & Divider


Here’s a sure way to get value for your dough. This dough cutter and divider is an awesome gift online because it always produces evenly cut shapes. In no time at all you’ll be rolling out the cookies, dim sums and mini tarts to grateful tummies.

NO. 18

Moby Dick
Literature Mug


This is the perfect gift online in Australia to buy for a lover of the classics. Herman Melville’s classic recounting of Captain Ahab’s relentless pursuit of the great white whale is craftily captured on a coffee mug. Now as they sip their brew, they can imagine themselves as a seafaring salt in search of the great Leviathan.

NO. 19

Bendo Designer
Woof Dog Bowls


Man’s best friend needs man’s best designer bowl. Buy this awesome gift online from Australia and ensure your dish licker dines in style. It’s a bowl that’ll bowl over any purebred or aspiring pure breed (mongrel) and one they’d be proud to own.

NO. 20

Control Your Family
Mouth Spray


Never do the dishes again, no more backchat or dissent. Buy this mouth spray and with a quick squirt watch everybody fall in line. This awesome gift online from Australia will make an impression on any guest and turn them into putty in your hands. Now that’s spraying something!

NO. 21

Magic Tray Bedside
Touch Lamp


Buy this awesome gift online from Australia and it will ensure there’s no more fumbling in the dark for glasses, keys or mobile phones. Just a touch and the tray lights up ensuring darkness and disaster are banished. The only thing it won’t lighten, at this great price, is your pocket.

NO. 22

Chocolate Addiction
Chocolate Bar


Here’s a delicious treat for your chocoholic friends that’s as tasteful as it gets. Buy your awesome gift online from Australia and you’ll be responsible for a host of gleeful, chocky-smeared smiles. Just don’t expect to be offered a piece because as addicts, share and share alike only counts when you’ve got the chocolate.

NO. 23

Gun Alarm


Here’s an awesome online gift that’s a novel blast for any snoozing sharpshooter. You want a sleep in, you gotta earn a sleep in. When the alarm goes off, you have to channel the skill of Wild Bill Hickok and nail that target or otherwise it’s rise and shine.

NO. 24



It’s not hard to identify the captain of the ship when she’s wearing her pirate apron. Buy your sexy salt this awesome online gift from Australia and she’ll have the kitchen on course in no time. Just remember to follow orders and no skullduggery or you’ll be man overboard before you can say ‘Robinson Crusoe’.

NO. 25

Simple Cider
Brewing Kit


Buy this awesome gift online from Australia and you’ll soon have a superior cider in side ya. Making up to 12 stubbies, this kit will have your mates bowing to your brewing bevvies and toasting you as a superhero – Ciderman.

NO. 26

Mighty Mug Go
Anti-Spill Mug


You know the scenario. You’re late and you’re buzzing around like a blue-arsed fly. You reach for your coffee and damn, in your rush, you knock it over. Now you’re late and without your head-clearing heart-starter. Buy this gift online from Australia and you may still be late and unbalanced but not your coffee as this mug just can’t be toppled.

NO. 27

Night Sky
Projection Kit


If you’ve looked at the heavens above and wondered is that the Big Dipper or where is Orion here’s the chance to learn about the wonders of the universe. Buy this awesome gift online from Australia and you can gather family and friends and have your own planetarium on the ceiling at home.

NO. 28

Create Your Own
Mug Design


Here’s a cracker of a gift to keep the kids entertained on a rainy day. Buy this awesome gift online from Australia and they can channel their inner artist. They simply draw their own design using the magic crayons, bake, cool and polish. The mug will bring cheer as they toast their success. Cheers.

Gifts for 10 Year Old Boys Australia - Radio Controlled Spider
NO. 29

Radio Controlled


You can have your own version of the classic nursery rhyme, “Itsy Bitsy Spider” crawling up the wall with this awesome gift online from Australia. Your fiendish, furry, friend is guaranteed to scare the pants off friends as it creepily crawls across the floor. Be quick though, don’t let them squish her!



Amongst the hustle and bustle of modern day living it’s great when you find an experience where the hard work has already been done for you. Shopping online is the perfect vehicle if you’re busy, have got kids to mind, can’t get out or don’t have a car. Why take on the frustrating parking puzzle, the crush of the crowds and the queues. Select from our awesome gifts online Australia and have them delivered to your home, all without leaving the comfort of your chair.