GIFTS FOR HUSBAND: What Your Man Really Wants

Why buy gifts for husband? He’s more than just your man, he’s your superman, so give him something super that says you appreciate all his efforts. Below is an awesome selection of gifts where you can find the perfect present for your husband. It doesn’t matter if he’s rough and tumble, or stylish and sophisticated, there’s a gift below to suit every manner of man.

Here’s What Gifts For Husband He Secretly Hopes You Buy

1. GPO Vintage Attache Portable Turntable Record Player – Vintage Gifts For Husband

gifts for husband

Gifts for husband are sure to be a number one hit. All his old vinyl records that have been gathering dust will be brought back from the Grateful Dead and played like they were meant to be played. He may even be able to dig out that special song that became “your” song.



2. Giant Beer Glass 1.5L

This novelty gift will make a giant impression on that special birthday gifts for husband. As you’re making the toast tell your giant of a man that he needs a giant of a glass and give him this bad boy. But tell him if he wants his special present later he’d better stop at one.



3. Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey Retro Tin Sign

A man cave needs to be smooth and nothing’s smoother than Jack. Buy gifts for husband this retro tin sign to hang and he can sit back, raise a tumbler and toast to the fact that some things, like Jack and himself, just can’t be improved.



4. Mensa Challenge Your IQ Quiz Cards – Challenging Gifts For Husband

awesome gifts for husband

If your husband’s a clever cookie and loves a mental challenge, the Mensa Challenge Cards will be a really clever gift for him. 50 quiz cards covering problem solving, logic and numbers are a match for even the sharpest tool in the shed.



5. Travel Roulette Wheel

Sometimes buying a gift is a gamble. But this roulette wheel is a guaranteed winner. Buy this gifts for husband and he can chance his hand in the comfort of his own home. And the stakes might be very interesting indeed – who does the dishes, or perhaps something a little saucier?



6. Coffee Facts Mug

If your husband is a connoisseur of coffee, then this gift will have him full of beans. As he sips his first brew of the day, he can muse over the interesting facts and figures his mug reveals.

After all, a coffee nut should know that coffee is a fruit, not a bean.



7. Aussie Slang Words Poster 61 x 91.5cm – Aussie Gifts For Husband

Want to buy a bonzer gifts for husband. He may be a bit of a larrikin but overall he’s a true blue cracker and deserves a bottler of a gift. Give him this poster and you can be guaranteed it’ll go straight to the pool room.



8. The “I Love” Book

Give your husband this “I Love” book and you can put into words all the things you love to do with him. Sharing that first coffee in the morning, fish and chips on the beach or doing the crossword together. When you think about it, they’re all pretty simple but they mean so much.



9. ‘The Dog Loves Me Best’ Mug

They say a dog is a man’s best friend, so why not make it official. Give your husband this mug and put the argument to bed. Besides, you really know who walks and feeds the dog.



10. Couch Potato’s Glasses – Lazy Gifts For Husband

If your husband is at his best when he’s in front of the telly, flat out like a lizard drinking, then this is the perfect gift for him. With these amazing glasses, he won’t even have to raise his head to watch 12 hours of Bathurst or a 10 card race day Flemington. As Homer Simpson said, “Now that’s what I call progress”.



11. 101 Things To Do To Become A Superhero… Or Evil Genius

Here’s a great gift to give to the husband who’s always telling you he’s a superhero. Give him this book and he can actually check off how close he’s getting to fulfilling his boast. He may even be able to add a few things that aren’t on the list.



12. Homer Simpson Official Apron | The Simpsons

Homer Simpson, like your husband, is the king of the BBQ. And even Homer knows a serious chef needs a serious apron. Give your husband this official apron and like Homer, he’ll cook up anything, as long as it’s meat.



13. Bedside Pocket

This bedside pocket makes ideal gifts for husband for the husband who’s always asking, “Do you know where I put my….?”. It’s the perfect storage device for books, ipad, glasses, magazines or phones. In fact, it’s so handy, don’t be surprised if you order two.



14. Superman Chair Cape | DC Comics

Every man should have his own chair and especially every superman. Give your husband this chair cape and whether it’s just friends at home or colleagues in the workplace, once it’s draped around his favourite chair they’ll know they’re dealing with a man of steel.



15. Sports & Alcohol T-Shirt

If your husband is a man of few words, then give him this sports and alcohol tee. At any social gathering he’ll be able to cut a swathe through the small talk and get straight to the important topics. “Who’s going to win the flag and who needs another cold one?”.



16. The Little Coffee Know It All Book

If your husband knows coffee like Al Pacino knows coffee, then give him this pocket-sized coffee book. All the intricate details that go into making the perfect brew are within. And as we all know, a great coffee is made to be shared.



17. Tarantino Wall Poster – 61 x 91.5cm – Movie Gifts For Husband

Whether it’s the pool room, the bar or the man cave, only the coolest posters make it to the wall. Give your husband this Tarantino poster and he’ll instantly understand that you know cool. In fact, this poster’s so cool it can chill the beer.



18. Aeroplane Flight Deco Clock – Gifts For Husband

This is a great gift for your husband if he’s a fan of the flyboys of the 30’s. This classic retro clock will ensure your co-pilot is always flying on time. But you can remind him gently that there’s only one captain.



19. The Adventure Travel Journal

The Adventure Travel Journal is a great gift for the husband who’s been struck with wanderlust. Over 300 bucket list experiences will help inspire your global travels. And once you’re travelling, he can detail the thrills in the journal and scratch off the adventures as they’re done.



20. Man Cave Rules – Coffee Mug

A man cave has a few mandatory requirements. A big screen tv, a bar, cool posters, a pool table and a man holding his very own man cave rules coffee mug. Give this mug as part of your gifts for husband and he’ll appreciate that you understand the sanctity of the cave.



21. Boutique Beer – The Worlds Finest Craft Brews – Beer Gifts For Husband

This boutique beer book makes a great gift for the husband who has a taste for the finer things in life. Well, he chose you didn’t he? This book is his encyclopedia to 500 of the finest craft beers from around the globe. With this guide he’ll be able to “travel the world” without leaving the couch. Except to visit the fridge of course!



22. The F Word Apron – Naughty Gifts For Husband

Gordon Ramsay made it acceptable in the kitchen so why not let your husband have his head around the barbie. Give this tongue-in-cheek gift to your husband and everyone will leave him in peace so he can cook those steaks to perfection. “If I’ve said it once I’ve said it a million times, four F***in minutes on each side”.



23. Jack Daniels Gift Box – 2 Glasses

This classy 2 glasses gift box is a smooth gift for the husband who appreciates the finer things in life. At the end of a tough one, let him sit back and mull over the day in the company of Jack.



24. Essential Foreign Swear Words

They say, “when in Rome do as the Romans do”. Which is all very well if you speak the lingo. Give your husband this book as a travel gift and he’ll be able to match it with the locals anywhere on the planet. But remind him, discretion can be the better part of valour.



25. Flavours of Urban Sydney: Restaurant Guide & Recipe Book

If your husband’s a foodie, then this guide makes the perfect gift. The guide features many top restaurants of Sydney and the recipes of their signature dishes. He can take you to taste and then have a crack himself at home! Sounds like a certain win / win with gifts for husband.



26. Sizzling Bacon Popping Candy

If your husband has a savoury palate, then this is an awesome gift for him. Imagine the scene, he’s rushing and he’s late for work. “Sorry, no time for brekkie.”

Instantly you give hubbie this flavoursome gift and a coffee,skie and his days already become a whole lot better. He won’t have left the driveway before you’ll hear that famous phrase, “MMMM…. Bacon”.



27. Nite Ize LED Bicycle Spokelit Spoke Light

Be seen, be safe. That’s the mantra for night time cyclists. If your husband cycles after dark then this is an absolute must gift for him. Spoke lights bring his wheels alive, giving them an unmissable continuous glow and making your cyclist so much safer.



28. Handyman Cufflinks & Tie Clip | Gentleman’s Hardware

Every lady loves a tradie, especially one who’s snappily dressed for that big night out. These cufflinks and tie clip make an awesome gift for your tradesman husband. You know he scrubs up a treat, just give him the finishing touches.



He Deserves Gifts For Husband

He’s a kind, caring, thoughtful man, and he’s a wonderful husband, so select from the awesome range of gifts above, something that lets him know how much you appreciate him and all his efforts.