29 Gifts For Travellers From Australia: Ensure An Epic Adventure


Gifts for travellers are hard to find. When they’re off to Europe, Australia, or the world, it’s hard to know which present to gift them. Travel lovers are a unique bunch.

But does finding great gifts for travellers au have to be so hard?

Travel gift ideas when you have this travel guide below. It’s full of travel gifts for men and travel gifts for women. we have every present idea that will help them have an epic adventure.

Need Gifts For Travellers? Here’s 29 Perfect Presents For Australian Adventurers

1. My Travel Scratch Map

My Travel Scratch Map - Gifts For Travellers

If you know someone who seems to live out of a suitcase, a My Travel Scratch Map will track their adventures. They simply scratch each country off the map as they visit—their friends will be envious when they see how far and wide they’ve travelled.



2. VW Campervan Toiletry Bag

VW Campervan Toiletry Bag - Gifts For Travellers

In the 70s the VW campervan stored friends, guitars, and surfboards. Now the VW Campervan Toiletry Bag can store soap, a toothbrush and toothpaste—a groovy gift for the well-groomed traveller.



3. Rainbow Umbrella

Rainbow Umbrella - Gifts For Travellers

If Gene Kelly didn’t have his umbrella, he wouldn’t have been “Singing in the Rain”. And if travellers don’t have a Rainbow Umbrella, their adventures will be dampened. A fantastic gift for anybody who’s caught the travel bug.



4. The Ultimate Travel BBQ Kit

The Ultimate Travel BBQ Kit - Gifts For Travellers

When you travel you get to enjoy the great outdoors. And what goes better with the outdoors than a delicious BBQ. The Ultimate Travel BBQ Kit allows you to cook up a feast whether you’re on the beach, in the outback or atop a mountain range.



5. Portable Wine Glasses

Portable Wine Glasses - Gifts For Travellers

On your adventures there will be moments to celebrate. How fantastic would it be to be able to pull out your Portable Wine Glasses and toast the moment? A classy gift for travellers.



6. Travelogue World Travel Journal | Luckies

Travelogue World Travel Journal | Luckies - Gifts For Travellers

Jet-setters are constantly creating new memories—it’s easy for them to forget their experiences and friends made along the way. This Travelogue World Travel Journal will capture their best moments.



7. Into Focus Camera Zoom Lens Mug

Into Focus Camera Zoom Lens Mug - Gifts For Travellers

The two most precious things to a photographer are their camera and their coffee. One gives them the energy to keep making memories, the other captures those memories. As they sit sipping a coffee at home, this mug will spark memories of their favourite photos.



8. Travel Poker Set

Travel Poker Set - Gifts For Travellers

Seasoned travellers know there can be plenty of down time. Long waits at airports or tedious train trips can be brightened with a few hands of poker. This gift for travellers is a sure bet.



9. My Travel Journal | Suck UK

My Travel Journal | Suck UK - Gifts For Travellers

This My Travel Journal brings a sense of order to chaotic trips. While you can’t always rely on your plane leaving on time or a hostel having a working shower, you can depend on your journal. It includes checklists, maps, and travel tips to help adventurers make the most of their trip.



10. 50 Travel Games Collection | Lagoon

50 Travel Games Collection | Lagoon - Gifts For Travellers

Long waits at airports and bus stations are inevitable when travelling. But being bored is optional. This 50 Travel Games Collection will keep you and your travel amigos having fun no matter the delays. Plus it’s a great way to befriend fellow adventurers.



11. iBike Coach Cycling Computer

iBike Coach Cycling Computer - Gifts For Travellers

The iBike Coach Cycling Computer makes a sensational gift for those who love to explore on two wheels. Maps, ride routes, and performance data make this an invaluable riding tool.



12. Digital Luggage Travel Scale

Digital Luggage Travel Scale - Gifts For Travellers

This clever gift for travellers has to be worth its weight in gold. No more being slugged with overweight luggage penalties when you have a Digital Luggage Travel Scale.



13. It’s My Bag Luggage Tags

It’s My Bag Luggage Tags - Gifts For Travellers

No one will mistakenly take your luggage with these ‘It’s My Bag Luggage Tags’. Your bag will always be waiting for you. Losing your luggage can ruin an entire holiday, making this a gift that travellers will appreciate at every airport.  



14. Lonely Planet Ultimate Travelist Book

Lonely Planet Ultimate Travelist Book - Gifts For Travellers

The number of travel destinations is increasing, making it harder to make informed travel choices. The Lonely Planet Ultimate Travelist Book is a great gift for travellers because they can rely on the world’s most highly regarded travel expert.



15. Tropicool Odd Socks – 3 Pairs

These Tropicool Socks will signal to other travellers you’re on an adventure. Plus everyone can see how ‘cool’ you are!



16. Nite Ize BrimLit LED Hat Light

Nite Ize BrimLit LED Hat Light - Gifts For Travellers

This bright idea for the outdoor adventurer will ensure no more tripping in the dark. Simply clip the light to your hat and you’ll be able to spot your tent’s guy ropes, owls in the tree, and be able to read at night.



17. Collapsible Travel Water Bowl for Pets

Collapsible Travel Water Bowl for Pets - Gifts For Travellers

If you know a lucky dog that gets to go on adventures with their owner, they’ll appreciate this Collapsible Travel Water Bowl for Pets. By folding up it saves precious space. A man and his best friend can climb a mountain together and then share a water bottle at the peak thanks to this bowl.



18. Instant Underpants – Box of 5

Instant Underpants - Box of 5 - Gifts For Travellers

At least once every trip, travellers frantically search through their luggage hoping to find some clean underwear. Instead of having to wear a dirty pair, these Instant Underpants will ensure they are always ready for those emergency occasions.



19. World Map Travel Laundry Bag

World Map Travel Laundry Bag - Gifts For Travellers

Travellers don’t have the luxury of a washing basket but they still need to separate their dirty and clean clothes. The World Map Travel Laundry Bag is a thoughtful gift for the traveller who wants to keep neat and tidy.



20. Colour Changing Umbrella

Colour Changing Umbrella - Gifts For Travellers

Usually when it rains it becomes dark and gloomy. But not with this Colour Changing Umbrella. When the rain hits the top of the umbrella, it transforms into a pattern of colours and brightens a traveller’s day.



21. Wood Log Pillow

Wood Log Pillow - Gifts For Travellers

This Wood Log Pillow will help travellers get comfy on a plane, train or bus. Plus travelling takes some serious energy, so having this pillow handy will allow them to steal forty winks whenever possible.



22. Knitted Beard Beanie

Knitted Beard Beanie - Gifts For Travellers

Adventurers can combat the cold with a Knitted Beard Beanie. Whether they’re climbing a snowy mountain, hang gliding through chilly winds, or visiting Siberia, this beanie will keep their head and face warm. Plus they’ll obviously look awesome with their instant beard.



23. 3D Globe Jigsaw Puzzle – 540 pcs

3D Globe Jigsaw Puzzle - 540 pcs - Gifts For Travellers

This puzzle adds a whole new dimension to jigsaws—well, specifically the third dimension. Instead of the usual flat jigsaw, this is made from curved pieces so you can assemble a 3D globe. Travellers can use it to locate their next adventure!



24. World Map Enamel Mug

World Map Enamel Mug - Gifts For Travellers

The mug is printed with a stunning classic style map, reminiscent of the kind Captain Cook used to chart Australia. Adventure lovers will appreciate the design and may even get inspired for a new trip while they enjoy their morning coffee.



25. Sewing Kit in a Tin

Sewing Kit in a Tin - Gifts For Travellers

If you’re travelling light or on a budget, it makes sense to repair not replace. The Sewing Kit in a Tin is the perfect gift for the handy traveller who wants to make their clothes last.  



26. Mason Jar Giant 2 Litre Beer Stein

Mason Jar Giant 2 Litre Beer Stein - Gifts For Travellers

There’s no need to travel to Germany to celebrate Oktoberfest, this stein glass lets you do it from home. If you know somebody who loves travelling to beer festivals, they’ll love this beer stein.



27. Man Skills: The Complete Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook

Man Skills: The Complete Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook - Gifts For Travellers

You may not be there when something terrible happens, like they run out of clean underwear or come across a terrifying tarantula. This handbook will provide them with advice that will allow them to at least ‘appear’ manly, even if they’re a quivering mess.



28. Maritime Pocket Sundial For Children

Maritime Pocket Sundial For Children - Gifts For Travellers

If you know some kids heading off on an adventure, this pocket sundial will teach them how people used to explore. For kids who only know Google Maps, it will be an eye-opening experience.



29. Polaframe Fridge Magnet Photo Frames

Polaframe Fridge Magnet Photo Frames - Gifts For Travellers

Friends and memories are the two most important things to collect. Polaframe Fridge Magnet Photo Frames are a great gift for travellers—they spark memories of their travel friends every time they make a trip to the fridge.



Found Your Gifts For Travellers?

These travel gifts will help them gallop across the globe as they create lasting memories. Any adventurer will appreciate these gifts for travellers, and think of you when they use them. They’ll appreciate you when they’re snoozing in an airport on their Wood Log Pillow, and when they’re keeping warm atop a mountain in their Knitted Beard Beanie.

Once you’ve given them your gifts for travellers, you’ll be in for a gift yourself. You can vicariously visit the Grand Canyon, eat pasta in Italy, be amazed in Tokyo, and ski the slopes in Aspen. Gifts for travellers are always well deserved because their adventure becomes a gift for us.

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