22 Seriously Silly History Memes

History doesn’t have to be boring. Not with these hilarious history memes. These memes take classic moments in history, classic works of art, and our contemporary life—and combine them as a brilliantly obtuse and funny history meme. Ready for a laugh and a history lesson? Then keep reading. A culture shock awaits…

The Funniest History Memes Since The Dawn Of Time

237 years ago this man wrote the ultimate breakup letter. It’s not you. It’s U.S.

When the sign in the museum tells you not to touch anything.

When you’re in the kitchen at 2am and you drop a spoon.

How your grandparents describe what their daily trip to school was like.

When someone starts an argument with me about something I know a lot about.

Historical figures vs actors playing historical figures.

When you’re halfway through a game of Monopoly and someone insists on reading the rulebook.

When you’re about to fight the Persians but you remember that you left the oven on.

*Sits 27 hours for an oil painting*. Omg delete that. I’m serious Bartholomew. Do not hang that in the great hall.

Monday Lisa.

When you accidently open the front camera.

Your order has been shipped. 

When you photobomb your wife’s painting, but now you have to stand still for 13 hours.

When you’ve already typed something twice and your phone autocorrects it again.

July 4th, 1776. British: just saying you’re independent doesn’t make it true. Thomas Jefferson: I didn’t say it. I declared it. 

When you bring your acoustic guitar to the party. Pls stop.

When your homie pulls out gold and all you brought was frankincense.

When the DJ drops thriller at the wedding.

Why do you want this job? I’ve always been passionate about not starving to death.

Y’all ever notice that the Washington monument looks absolutely nothing like George Washington.


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