20 Awesome Backyard Ideas

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We’ve put together these backyard ideas that will inspire you to spend time creating your own great outdoor environment. Why? “To nurture a garden is to nurture not just the body, but the soul.”


Ready? Let’s Transform Your Backyard…

So let’s get digging, planting, creating and cultivating. Here’re 20 awesome backyard ideas to make you fall in love with your own backyard space…



1. Hide A Garden Gnome or Two

Garden gnomes make gardens fun. There’s Couch Potato taking a “well earned rest”, or Ninja Gnome, making short work of pesky weeds. And Garden Gnomes are great at hiding easter eggs or treats for the grandkids.



2. Hum In A Hammock

After a busy afternoon in the garden, hang out in your hammock. A warm breeze, good book and a cool drink. Perfect.



3. Create Your Own Hanging Garden of Babylon


Hanging Planter Pots turns dull fences and railing into nature’s visual masterpieces.



4. Build A Veggie Box

This is an awesome backyard idea because it’s going to pay you back in spades.



5. Buy An Oyster Mushroom Grow Kit

In two weeks you’ll be harvesting a delicious feed of oyster mushrooms. Your Sunday morning fry-up has never tasted so good.



6. Planter Boxes, A Perfect Addition

Add Planter Boxes to any patio, deck or table. They’re fun, quirky and green.



7.  Your Very Own Outdoor Swing

You’re never too old to sit hand have a swing!



8. Decorate Your Fence

Your fence is a canvas waiting for a Picasso. Butterflies, baskets, bird-houses. Anything bright, light, bright or quirky beats a pale paling.



9.  Buddy Up To Birdies

Position a Glass Bird Feeder outside your kitchen window and enjoy your feathered friends having a snack on you.



10.  Create A Climbing Frame

Again make use of your fence. Create a Climbing Frame for your passionfruit or peas. Show them who’s boss. Train them to your will.



11. Lots of Pots


Quirky Pots brighten spots. Anywhere in your garden that needs a bit of green or colour, put a pot. And if space is an issue, use pots for vegies and herbs.



12.  What’s The Weather

An all inclusive Weather Station Terrarium can measure rainfall, wind speed and direction, temperature and, as well, house a terrarium.



13.  Fire Up the Fire Pit

A fire fit is a must have. Crisp, dusky evenings and a fire. Why head inside for a wine?



14. Wine Glass Holder Pegs

The best way to ensure you don’t spill a drop. Just peg it into the grass next to your seat. Now your hands are free to toast marshmallows.



15.  Letterbox Toolbox

You need one out the back too, not just one for the postie. A well positioned letterbox is the perfect place to store small garden tools and gloves.



16. Coffee Anyone

Here’s the challenge. How many great places in your garden can you position a table and a chair and make your own cafe? Great views and great brews.



17.  Handy Herb Garden


When do you need herbs? When you’re cooking. Position a handy herb planter box just an arms reach from your kitchen.



18. Extend Your Fence

Add a metre or more to the top of your fence and create a private haven from the busy outside world.



19. Rock Your Garden

Small rocks and pebbles compliment pots and planters perfectly.



20. Light Up Your Garden

LED Frosted Lights or LED Copper Wired Lights let you light up your garden or patio. An awesome backyard idea that’ll have your kids loving their illuminated, outside, magical world.



So now you’ve got no excuses. Take these 20 Awesome Backyard Ideas and head outside to transform your unimaginative garden into a vibrant, living, thriving “green” environment. You’ll love the results and enjoy the serenity.




Here’s the proof that getting into the garden is great for your total health and wellbeing.

> Medical experts agree the best way to get your required dose of Vitamin D is to expose bare skin to sunlight.

> A Dutch study proved gardening was a superior means of decreasing stress and improving self esteem than indoor activities. Just growing your own fruit and vegetables was seen as a tangible measure of a person’s power to cause positive change.

> A large Stockholm study showed regular gardening cuts stroke and heart attack risk by up to 30%. Gardening provides the opportunity to get the 2.5 hours of moderate intensity activity needed each week.

> Digging in the dirt has been found to alleviate symptoms of psoriasis, allergies and asthma. All are modern day, first world health problems, that may stem from an ‘out of whack’ immune system.

> Horticultural therapy has proven results for improving mental health and well being. It’s all about the satisfaction, the natural surroundings and the problem solving that are all part of implementing awesome backyard ideas.