The 19 Top Gifts For 15 Year Old Boys

What are the best gifts for 15 year old boys? How yo you find the cool gifts for 15 year old boys? And how do you even know when you’ve found an awesome present idea?

Buying good gifts for 15 year old boys is hard. Why? Simple. It’s hard to imagine what’s going on inside a 15 year old boy’s brain.

So instead of trying to unravel the riddle that is a fifteen year old boy, why not choose from a list of most popular gifts for 15 year old boys? Trust the judgement of today’s 15 year old boys.

The list below is a compilation of the most bought presents – the top gifts for 15 year old boys.


Cool Gifts For 15 Year Old Boys

1. Video Game Controller 4-Port USB Hub

gifts for 15 year old boys

You search gifts for 15 year old boys and bingo, up comes this USB Hub. It’ll put an end to that grumpy, frustrated teenager stomping around the house because his phone or tablet’s out of charge.



2. Harry Potter Beanies

gifts for 15 year old boys

15 year old boys have their beanies and ear pieces permanently attached. So if he’s a HP fan, giving him this beanie will make him one chilled Hogwart’s dude.



3. Best Tweets Ever Book – Twitter The Comic

gifts for 15 year old boys

You typed in gifts for 15 year old boys because you wanted to get inside his head. What makes him laugh? Cracking up his mates with rip-snorting tweets that’s what!



4. Solar Mechanics Kit For Kids

gifts for 15 year old boys

15 year old boys love being challenged and they’re happy when they’re using their smarts and hands to build things with their gifts for 15 year old boys.This awesome gift lets him use his mechanical ingenuity to create working solar models.



5. Harry Potter Playing Cards

Simple gifts for15 year old boys can be tricky, but playing cards make a pretty sick gift. When the oldies head out his mates will gather for a serious hit of blackjack or stud poker.



6. Tetris Inspired DIY Build Your Own Lamp

15 year old boys don’t want you decorating their bedroom. It’s their space so give them their space. This Tetris Lamp allows them to build a lamp that says I make the choices here.



7. Little Boxes Of Random Fun

gifts for 15 year old boys

15 year old boys understand random. They have random thoughts, they say random things, they like things to just happen. These boxes of fun suit them perfectly because they’re random too.



8. Why You’re So Awesome – Fill in the Blanks Booklet

Gifts for 15 year old boys is a challenge. They don’t want you blurting out mushy stuff and telling them they’re awesome, especially not in front of their mates. But done on the quiet, and if it doesn’t draw attention, that’s ok.



9. Gun Alarm Clock

gifts for 15 year old boys

You need to give a 15 year old boy a reason to stir in the morning. Shooting his alarm clock fits the bill. The last thing he wants to do is get up, so taking out his annoyance on the alarm clock will take a little heat out of breakfast.



10. Portable Vibration Speakers: Turn Any Surface Into A Boombox!

Rocking up to the beach with vibes that will blow his mates away and draw the ladies has winner written all over it. That makes it a win/win.



11. Harry Potter 1000 Piece Puzzle

gifts for 15 year old boys

15 year olds want a bit of downtime from their smartphone, tablet or console. They’ll tackle this monster in their own way, in their own time and when the mood suits.



13. Remote Control i-Spy Tank for iPhone & iPad

good gifts for 15 year old boys

The ‘man’ wants to know what’s going down but there’s no way he’s going to saunter in and ask. An i-Spy Tank that gives him all the info he needs without having to engage. Now that’s rad.



14. Guinness World Records Construction Challenge

Gifts for 15 year old boys, now that’s a challenge. So give them one back. Tasks that taunt them and say that they can’t be done are like a red rag to a bull. The world records out of reach. Sure.



15. Sneakers Silly Socks

top gifts for 15 year old boys

Any more shoes than sneakers just make clutter unless they’re thongs. Sneakers may or may not need socks. If they do, they may as well look like sneakers.



16. Shark Attack Glass

“Gifts for 15 year old boys”, she said. Now think. He doesn’t want to share. He wants his own stuff. A glass that says in no uncertain terms, hands off. Yeh, that fits the bill.



17. Remote Control Flying UFO Ball

cool gifts for 15 year old boys

Gadgets are cool, especially ones that can scare the bejeezus out of the unsuspecting or just be downright annoying. Unbelievably Funny Ok.



18. ‘Big Foot’ Slippers

Slippers are lame, they’re for the old and infirm, like Dad. But these, that’s different. In these, a 15 year old can stomp around like he owns the place.



19. Liquifly – Water Powered Rocket

gifts for 15 year old boys

Physics, he’ll say, “don’t need to know that stuff yet”, so you can’t sell him on that. But what a 15 year old does want to know is how to impress the lads. Easy. It’s got a 30-metre range. “OK boys, name a target”.



We Hope You Found Good Gifts For 15 Year Old Boys

Your challenge was gift for 15 year old boy and the challenge was accepted. You thought about it long and hard. Even made a list of what type of gifts would impress him and get you respect. So you got him something that’s cool, savvy, funny. Gifts for 15 year old boys that are radical, gnarly. Top gifts for 15 year old boys that will get the almost imperceptible dip of the head. A gift he’ll rate on point and have you marked as a chilled dude, unlike other salty, vintage losers. And where did you get it, from the choices above. Smart move! Now Enjoy your gifts for 15 year old boys.