18 Fun Gifts for Couples

Gifts for couples are worth more than a gift for one person because a shared gift is a gift doubled. With couples, when you buy for one, you’re really buying for two. It’s two gifts for couples for the price of one. You are putting a smile on two faces.

Of course gifts for couples can be difficult to choose. After all, one partner may have a different taste in presents to the other partner. In fact, this is often the case. Often unwrapping a fine white china table set will leave one partner beaming and the other forcing a grin.

Instead of choosing a gift that will choose only one of the happy couple, we believe you should strive to find gifts for couples that they’ll both love. It’s not always easy, but it’s always worthwhile.

For example, everyone loves chocolate. Or what about a beautiful clock? That’s a gender neutral gift. Or something fun like glow in the dark love dice. The point is, you can find gifts for couples that will leave both partners genuinely beaming. Let them save their fake smiles for everyone else’s presents!

One of the most popular occasions that people buy gifts for couples is for weddings. Weddings are often a mix of fun and seriousness. For example, the speech from the best-man often begins fun and silly, but ends serious and sentimental. The music starts with a serious slow dance, and ends with some fun 70s songs. But often the gifts are 100% serious. That means you have the opportunity to be the fun one with unique gifts for couples.

Couples have changed. No longer are there long romantic poems and picnics in the park, there are Snapchat stories and Facebook pokes. There is less tandem bike rides and more tantric… activities. With these changes, gifts for couples need to change too. To help you choose an awesome present, we’ve selected 19 fun gifts for couples that match the modern relationship.


Awesome Gifts For Couples

1. Chocolate & Chill Chocolate Bar

Chocolate & Chill Chocolate Bar - Gifts For Couples

This chocolate bar is made specifically for chocolate and chillin’—perfect for when couples can’t Netflix and chill with each other. It sure beats chillin’ all alone. But chocolate and chilling can be something fun couples do together. The sugar high from the chocolate will only add to the enjoyment of chilling with a partner.



2. Titanium Wall Clock Collection – Glide

Titanium Wall Clock Collection - Glide - Gifts For Couples

A wall clock is an insight into a relationship—the fancier the wall clock, the stronger the relationship. If a couple has committed to a fancy wall clock, you can be sure they are committed to each other. If you know a couple that has a deep connection but a tack wall clock, it’s time you aligned their clock with their relationship.



3. Texting On The Toilet – Hand Sanitizer

Texting On The Toilet - Hand Sanitizer - Gifts For Couples

“Hey hun, can you bring me some dunny paper?”. That is just one of the many reasons couples need to text each other on the toilet. You can text your boss, your priest, or your mother-in-law while you’re on the toilet and they’ll never know. But your partner knows, which is why this Texting On The Toilet – Hand Sanitizer is an ideal gift for couples. Toilet texting no longer has to be feared.



4. Emoji Playing Cards

Emoji Playing Cards - Gifts For Couples

Card games are great for couples. When you’re stuck somewhere with nothing to do, you’re usually stuck with your partner. Playing cards provide endless entertainment whether you’re playing poker, bridge, or snap.

But playing cards are not made for today. Kings, queens, and jacks don’t belong on our playing cards. It’s not the 1600s anymore. To replace these outdated kings and queens, emojis are leading the revolution with these Emoji Playing Cards.



5. Cake Divider

Cake Divider - Gifts For Couples

Sharing food can be an endless argument between couples. “If you wanted chips, then why didn’t you order chips?” and “I said a taste not a shark-sized chomp!” are often heard in a couple’s kitchen. Especially when there’s a cake in the kitchen. Everybody wants their slice! This cake divider gives couples the gift of peace. It evenly cuts pieces of cake, so slice size will never be a reason to argue again.



6. Understand The Man Breath Spray

Understand The Man Breath Spray - Gifts For Couples

Women in relationships, look at their man and wonder, what is he thinking? Surely he can’t just be thinking about cars and sport like he tells me, can he? This Understand The Man Breath Spray helps women in a relationship finally get an insight into the primitive male brain. It will help women feel understanding, and men feel understood.



7. Maybe You Touched Your Genitals Hand Soap

Maybe You Touched Your Genitals Hand Soap - Gifts For Couples

What goes on behind a closed bathroom door is better left unknown, but it can leave a voice in the back of your head, what if they touched their genitals? Maybe they did, maybe they didn’t. Using this soap ensures couples never have to worry about the cleanliness of the dinner their partner just cooked them.



8. I Love You Chocolate Bar

 I Love You Chocolate Bar - Gifts For Couples

Many couples feel the same way about their partners as they do a chocolate bar. Pure love. What better way to symbolise that love than with an I Love You Chocolate Bar? They can share the bar with each other, trading chocolate pieces for kisses and kisses for chocolate pieces.



9. Googly Stick On Eyes

Googly Stick On Eyes - Gifts For Couples

Couples in love often get googly eyes for each other, leaving the inanimate objects in their home feeling left out. With these Googly Stick On Eyes never again will a fridge, cup, or toilet feel left alone. Couples put these googly eyes all over their home, creating Frank the fridge, Derek the door, and Terry the toilet.



10. 50 Shades Of Kale Cook Book

50 Shades Of Kale Cook Book - Gifts For Couples

The book 50 Shades of Grey was an inspiration to many couples in the bedroom. Now, this 50 Shades Of Kale Cook Book can be an inspiration in the kitchen. Couples can tackle dinner together, learning to prepare kale in 50 different positions.



11. My Wish for You by Me | Fill in the Blanks Journal

My Wish for You by Me | Fill in the Blanks Journal - Gifts For Couples

This journal allows couples to make wishes for each other, which shows each other they only want the best for them. Each partner can fill in the blanks to create a personal message. For example, a page has “It would make me happy if you could __________ whenever you wanted”. A couple can fill in the blank with anything from “Fly to New York” to “Shoot hoops with Lebron James”.



12. Why you’re So Hot – Fill In The Blanks Journal

Why you’re So Hot - Fill In The Blanks Journal - Gifts For Couples

Partners are always telling each other how hot they look, often followed by a cheeky kiss. But there’s only so many times you can call them a hottie before the word loses all meaning.
This journal lets partners express why they think they’re so hot—heating their romance. For example, a journal page has “The way you make __________ is so hot”. A couple can fill it in with anything from “me feel loved” to “dinner while dancing”.



13. The “I Love” Book

The “I Love” Book - Gifts For Couples

Boyfriends can sometimes have trouble expressing their feelings. While leaving a boyfriend to complete a Shakespearian poem of enduring love may result in a blank page, this book is guaranteed to make couples romantic. To bring a couple closer, The “I Love” Book helps couples communicate their love.



14. Pink Furry Love Handcuffs

Pink Furry Love Handcuffs - Gifts For Couples

Sometimes one member of a couple can misbehave. Maybe they take the last piece of cake. Perhaps they left their dirty dishes on the table. Whatever the reason, these Pink Furry Love Handcuffs help partners deliver justice…



15. Guess What? I Love You – Heat Changing Mug

Guess What? I Love You - Heat Changing Mug - Gifts For Couples

Temperatures will be rising when couples use this mug. As the hot water goes in, the mug’s text changes from “Guess What?” to “I Love You”. If you know a couple that doesn’t seem like they can get any sweeter, think again. This mug will inspire them to a whole new level of cuteness.



16. 100 Reasons To Panic About Getting Married Book

100 Reasons To Panic About Getting Married Book - Gifts For Couples

If you know a couple thinking about marriage, this book will relate to the very serious reasons they have to panic… such as your spouse won’t want to get rid of that hideous moose head. While these fears are real in the hearts of couples, this book seeks to strengthen, not destroy a relationship. For example, if your spouse wants to keep their moose head… it means you can keep your hideous stuff too!!



17. Giant Beer Glass

Ring for Romance Bell - Gifts For Couples

Real men need a real glass of beer. Not a tiny pot that holds a few sips, but a Giant Beer Glass that allow for thirsty gulps. This 1.5L glass will satisfy any man’s thirst. Make sure to include a six-pack with this gift!



18. Marital Bliss Chocolate

Marital Bliss Chocolate - Gifts For Couples

Sharing is caring, and this Marital Bliss Chocolate shows just home much wives care about chocolate. It’s split as 50% his and 50% hers, but something seems a little off. If you know a couple that argues over who gets the last piece of chocolate, this is the gift for them.



There are many awesome couples presents to choose from. Which look the most fun? The games? Books? Chocolate? All of them? If you’re having a hard time choosing then get more than one. Remember it’s excellent value as every gift puts a smile on two faces!