19 Unique Gifts For 6 Year Old Boys

Instantly the wrapping paper’s shredded. Gifts for 6 year old boys have ‘open urgently’ written all over them. Eyes bulge, smiles spread and a whoop of joy bounces around the room. And you get a buzz because your present’s brought instant happiness, will keep him active, help him learn and be a hit with his mates.

But he doesn’t think like that. He’s just rapt with his new toy, and with you, because you just made his day. And his hug confirms what you already know, giving is as good as receiving.

Enough visualising. Get stuck in and get his gift.

The Best Gifts For 6 Year Old Boys

1. Ridley’s Retro Skipping Rope

gifts for 6 year old boys

Gifts for 6 year old boys that help burn off excess energy make wonderful gifts. Watching him learn to skip in the fresh air and sunshine has to make your heart sing.



2. Kids Swimming Caps – Fish & Shark

Being able to swim is an important life skill needed by every Australian child. Anything that makes learning to swim fun and gets them excited about  swimming lessons is a great gift.



3. Zoo Animals Super Putty

A gift which encourages your 6 year old to imaginatively use his hands and is heaps of fun, has to be a winner. He’ll be so proud when he shows you the new jungle friends he’s made.



4. Sunnylife Inflatable Moby Dick Sprinkler Cover

Gifts for 6 year old boys that can be shared with his mates for hours of uproarious fun are always amongst their favourites. They get so much joy from a sprinkler cover and your  garden is full of laughter as it gets a good soaking.



5. Lion Kids Mini Mug

A mug suited to his hand size makes sense. He can share a milo with you as you have a morning cuppa and at the same time take another step towards being independent.



6. Bready Made – Toast Cutter

You’ll have no problems getting him to breakfast when you can make it so much fun. He’ll be banging the bench anticipating the clever shapes his toast will arrive as today- a reindeer, a cat, perhaps a fish.



7. Dino Hunter Target Shooting Game

A fun shooting game is a ripper of a gift for 6 year old boys and will ensure you’re the number 1 aunt or uncle. They’ll always remember it was you who gave them something they always wanted.



8. Stunt Model Airplane Set

When you buy him a model aeroplane,  you’ll be teaching him patience, developing his hand-eye dexterity and ensuring he’ll head straight outside to get hours of fun learning to loop the loop.



9. Animal Head Balloons – Pack Of 6

You’ll make his party an even bigger hit when you decorate with these nifty balloons. Ordinary balloons will look oh so dull after you’ve transformed the party room into a zoo.



10. Mould And Paint Sea Life Kit

Hey Dad, give him this mould and paint kit and your 6 year old boy can make a beautiful gift for Mother’s Day. How touched will Mum be with a homemade gift from her little man?



11. Scrabble Fridge Magnets

What a great way to help your little man learn to spell. Put up the word of the week, his homework words or just a loving message.



12. Fly Assassin Gun Swatter

Gifts for 6 year old boys that give them something to do when those dull adults are yacking are priceless. At your next barbie make him important by putting him in charge of eliminating pesky flies.



13. Egg-Splode Egg Cup and Toast Cutter

You’ll have him marching to the breakfast table and dishing out the order for toast and eggs, at the double. The battle to get your 6 year old to eat a hearty breakfast has been won.



14. Cubebot Micro | Wooden Robot Puzzle

gifts for 7 year old boys

This traditional puzzle with a modern twist will keep your  6 year old boy occupied for hours. Perfect as a distraction on those long, dreary holiday drives.



15. Volcano Grow Your Own Dinosaur 

This Volcano Grow Your Won Dinosaur is a fun gift for six year olds. They can createe their own prehistoric era.



16. Slingshot Flying Animals

A flying pig, a cruising cow or a mobile monkey. Sometimes gifts for 6 year old boys need to be nothing more than simple fun.



17. Train Set In A Tin

As his grandfather, you understand the timeless pleasures of a train set. Give your grandson a train in a tin, get on your hands and knees, and take orders from the station master.



18. Monster Stompers Bucket Stilts

A guaranteed way to get him outside is to give him some stilts.There’s everything right about combining hours of challenging pleasure with developing his balance and coordination.



19. Saturn Hoppit Pogo Ball

Giving him a pogo ball will make you his favourite auntie and a champion in his Mum’s eyes. He’ll love mastering the bounce and his Mum will love him burning off all that boundless energy.



We Hope You Found Your Gifts For 6 Year Old Boys

Your six year old will always remember your wonderful gift and the fun it gave him. And you’ll have that warm feeling that comes with making a little boy’s day.