Sisters are special siblings and deserve special gifts for sister. She was probably the one who you shared secrets with, like which of the boys you liked at school. Or if you were a younger brother, she probably looked after you like a second mother.

No matter what your relationship was with your sister or how close you were, you know that there are only so many opportunities when you can say thank-you for all the things she’s done for you.

Sure, sisters can have disagreements. A hug can be confused with a flying tackle. The ownership of ‘that cute top’ is forever disputed. The use of the remote can start WWIII. You eat the last cookie when you’re full just so your sister doesn’t get any. These can sound like a big deal, but to sisters they’re just part of life. As quickly as they happened, they are forgiven. But only sisters understand that strange and special relationship.

But this gift guide of gifts for sister isn’t only about gifts sisters can give each other, you can also give the same gift to both sisters, whether they’re friends, family, or your daughters. Balinda DeSantis from Lake Orion in America, tells a beautiful story about gifts her parents got her and her sister.

When I was about 13, my mom thought I was spending too much time in the house reading, so she signed up my sister and me for Hawaiian dance lessons. Though we lived in Michigan, we took to them immediately; in fact, over the next few years we expanded our repertoire to include Maori, Samoan, and Tahitian dance, too. I think we loved the costumes almost as much as the dancing itself; the Tahitian costumes in particular were fantastic. They were expensive, though, and we knew our parents—a barber and an office manager—would never be able to afford them. But about two years into our lessons, my sister and I ran into the living room on Christmas morning, and there they were under the tree: ankle-length, wheat-colored straw skirts, mine with tiny shells and fringe tassels stitched to the waistband, and tall, elaborately embroidered headdresses. Our parents, knowing we’d flip, were waiting with their camera poised, and caught us with our eyes—and mouths!—wide open.

You can create your own beautiful story. Buy buying your sister or a pair of sisters one of these thoughtful, clever or maddening gifts, you are showing her how much they mean to you. She’ll know that what you’re really saying is, that no matter how many friends you have, the bond between sisters or a sister and her brother is unique – like these gifts for sister.


Amazing Gifts For Sister

1. Mighty Wine Glass: Never Tips Over

Mighty Wine Glass: Never Tips Over - Gifts For Sister

You know when you’re sharing a bottle of wine your sister can make you laugh until tears run down your face. Even now you can picture her with arms flailing wildly as she exaggerates her latest escapade. Ensure the moment isn’t lost because of a wine spill, with this gift for sisters.


2. Narwhal USB Heated Slippers

Narwhal USB Heated Slippers - Gifts For Sister

It’s hard to remember how many times your sister has been a comfort to you. Now here’s your chance to return the favour. Buy her a pair of funky, powered heated slippers and her toes will be toasty when she’s putting out the washing or putting up her feet.



3. Make Your Own Cheese Kit

Make Your Own Cheese Kit - Gifts For Sister

You know how clever your sister is in the kitchen and how much she loves to entertain. Buy her this Make Your Own Cheese kit and see how proud it makes her to offer guests a homemade cheese platter, laden with a brie or camembert. She can even wear a cheesy grin with this gift for sisters.



4. Baking Bad Cook Book

Baking Bad Cook Book - Gifts For Sister

Your sister can cook anything, but unlike Walter White in Breaking Bad, she draws the line at cooking meth. Buy her this recipe book she’ll be able to bake grisly cookies for Halloween or a Devil’s Food cake for a birthday. Kids will love the badness and adults will enjoy the guilty pleasure of the richness of her home-cooked treats.



5. Happy Chocolate Bar

Happy Chocolate Bar - Gifts For Sister

There’s nobody happier than a chocoholic with a chocolate bar that spells happy. You know how much your sister loves chocolate and you know how much you love your sister. And, if she loves you back she’ll open her choccy then and there, so you can share her treat together.



6. Toast USB Hand Warmers

Toast USB Hand Warmers - Gifts For Sister

No more blowing on her hands for your sister on those cold icy mornings. Buy her a pair of Wired Hand Warmers and she’ll have up to six hours of snugness. Even better, the warmth can be adjusted from high to low, as the blood begins to flow.



7. Flamingo Cake Candles

Flamingo Cake Candles - Gifts For Sister

Whether they’re old, with just enough breath to get the job done or young and love being the centre of attention, everybody loves blowing out candles. Buy this gifts for sister and every celebration, be it a birthday, an anniversary or special occasion will be so much brighter.



8. NSFW Never-Ending Prank Greetings Card

NSFW Never-Ending Prank Greetings Card - gifts for sister

And she thought you were annoying—not compared this gift for sisters.



9. The Never-Ending Congratulations Card with Glitter

The Never-Ending Congratulations Card with Glitter - Gifts For Sister

You know you want to make sure your sister’s celebration goes off with a bang. Not only will this card’s song get louder as she tries to make it stop, but a surprise burst of glitter will erupt from the card. There’s nothing quite like a gift that never ends on a day you wish could go on forever.



10. You Know You’re A Child Of The Last Decade Books

You Know You're A Child Of The Last Decade Books - Gifts For Sister

Memories from the past make you laugh, cry, even regret. Give you sister a book of memories from a decade of her younger days. Remind her of the daggy fashions, the groovy music or wicked trends. Stories about the good old days will tumble out as you share laughs and tears.


11. Tetris Inspired DIY Build Your Own Lamp

Tetris Inspired DIY Build Your Own Lamp - Gifts For Sister

With this gifts sister can combine her design skills with her interior decorating flair. The Tetris blocks interlock so they can be stacked into any shape or combination. Once your sister tires of her new desk or bedside lamp all she has to do is pull it apart and create another.


12. Slow Brew Sloth Tea Strainer & Infuser | Fred

Slow Brew Sloth Tea Strainer & Infuser | Fred - Gifts For Sister

Is your sister one of those incredibly busy people who never seems to have a moment to herself? If she is, she’ll love this gift. This tea strainer in the shape of a sloth will remind her that sometimes she needs to slow down and make a bit of time for herself. Besides, a good brew should never be rushed.



13. Smart Clutch – The Purse That Charges Your Phone

Smart Clutch - The Purse That Charges Your Phone - Gifts For Sister

With this gift your sister will never again experience the frustration of missing an important call or not being able to ring for a taxi at the end of the night. The Smart Clutch conceals a lightweight, hidden power bank that will keep her phone charged all night long. And just as you and her are compatible, so is the charger with iPhones, Samsungs and most other phones.



14. Daily Mood Desktop Flipchart

Daily Mood Desktop Flipchart - Gifts For Sister

Nobody knows your sister as well as you do. But if you give her the Daily Mood Desktop Flipchart, they’ll be no excuses for anyone else either. Friends, colleagues and workmates will know with one quick glance, whether she’s happy, grumpy or needing a hug, making it a gift for sisters that keeps giving.



15. Juice It Cold Press Juicer

Juice It Cold Press Juicer - Gifts For Sister

In today’s hectic world, where time to look after yourself is a rare commodity, a gifts for sister which helps you stay healthy is always appreciated. Buy your sister this gift and it will ensure her fruit juices get 50% more nutrients. As her day starts with a boost, she’ll know you’re looking out for her.


16. Wine Cooler Spill-Proof Sippy Cup

Wine Cooler Spill-Proof Sippy Cup - Gifts For Sister

You know your sister’s favourite pastime is to sit outside on a warm afternoon, sipping a crisp chardonnay and reading a romance novel. With her wine cooler spill proof cup she won’t have to dilute her afternoon tipple with ice-blocks. Simply pour ice cold fridge water into the base and seal it up. What’s more, the sippy lid stops bugs taking a dip or that pesky bird splattering her drink from above.



17. Customisable Glass Photo Coasters

Customisable Glass Photo Coasters - Gifts For Sister

Your sister will really appreciate these glass photo coasters and not just because they’ll stop her coffee table getting stained. Ungift them by sliding in some favourite family photos, an uplifting quote or two or some pressed flowers. A very practical gifts for sister becomes, with every coffee, a reminder of how rich her life is.



18. High Tea Porcelain Bird Feeder

High Tea Porcelain Bird Feeder - Gifts For Sister

A garden becomes a more vibrant place when it’s full of warbling birds. Give your sister this classical high tea bird feeder and she’ll be delighted as her feathered friends arrive to feed. This gifts for sister makes a cuppa in the backyard becomes not just a break, but an experience.


19. Lucky Elephant Teapot

Lucky Elephant Teapot - Gifts For Sister

They say an elephant never forgets and neither should you forget to buy a gifts for sister. These colourful elephant teapots are not just ornamental, but brew a lovely cuppa for friends and family. And of course, let your sister know that the elephant is the symbol of wisdom, just like her.



These 19 gifts for women will either have her bursting into laughter or thinking how considerate you’ve become. Certainly, there’s plenty of options to find unique gifts for sister.