19 Unique Gifts & Toys s For 4 Year Old Boys


4 year olds are free spirits. They don’t step with care or talk with great tact because life hasn’t become a balancing act. They can spill food on the floor or draw on a door because life is all fun, not a bore or a chore. That’s how it should be at four. Playing with toys builds coordination, imagination and socialisation. It is a big part of their growth. It even becomes a learning experience for you and them both.

The Best Toys For 4 Year Old Boys

1. Build A Giant Dinosaur – Fit Together Puzzle Piece Toys For 4 Year Old Boys

Building a dinosaur is even more fun than simply getting a dinosaur toy. 4 year olds get to see their creation come to life—in all its terrifying T-Rex glory.



2. Dinosaur Kids Backpacks

One dinosaur is never enough for a 4 year old boy—they want everything from their toothbrush to backpack to be dinosaur related. This Dinosaur Backpack will make carrying around their toys a treat rather than a chore. It’s much easier to convince him to grab his Dinosaur bag than a plain old bag.



3. Sunnylife Inflatable Kids Toucan Pool Toys For 4 Year Old Boys

What better way to make a 4 year old feel comfortable in the water than with friendly and colourful Toucan Pool Toy. Toucans are the friendliest looking bird, so 4 year olds won’t only be safer around the water with the floatation device, they’ll have more fun.


4. Londji My T-Rex Jigsaw Puzzle

Your 4 year old can put together the pieces of this puzzle to discover an awaiting T-Rex. This puzzle isn’t a 2,000 piece puzzle that retirees enjoy on a winter’s afternoon, it’s specifically for kids with extra big puzzle pieces. What more do you want from toys for 4 year old boys?



5. Woodland Animals 3D Masks

These masks could be your 4 year old’s first introduction to character acting. They put on the mask and become a fox, owl, kangaroo or bunny. They can play with friends in their backyard or home, or rather in a wild jungle as they see it in their imaginations.



6. Huggable Hugglo Animal Night Lights

These furry friends are the friendliest night lights you will ever see. They are so cute and adorable they make the ideal companion for a little one drifting off to sleep. Plus the sheep light will be a helpful start to counting sheep to sleep.



7. Super Sized 2.5m Colouring Posters

This poster will let your little one colour the ocean. You’ve heard of a yellow submarine, but hand over the pencils to a 4 year old and it may be the first time that you see a purple shark.  



8. Animal Heads Plush Toys For 4 year Old Boys

These Animal Heads add a flair of nature to any 4 year olds bedroom. They will feel protected by the lion head, curious from the triceratops head and silly from the fancy flamingo head. This gift could plant the seeds for the next David Attenborough.



9. Flying Kangaroo Toy- Toys For 4 year Old Boys

toys for 4 year old boys

This Kangaroo Toy literally flies through the air—what better way than that to introduce a 4 year old to the famous Australian kangaroo. This new friend has boundless energy, a necessity to keep up with any youngster!



10. Bashful Zebra Soft Toy

gifts for 4 year old boys

This cuddly Zebra will keep boys company on those cold winter nights. In fact, they can imagine they’re exploring the Sahara desert with their striped friend. It’s cute, cuddly and ready for adventures.



11. Pirate Kids Costume

If your little 4 year old likes to imagine travelling the seven seas and pillaging passing ships, they’ll love this pirates costume. Just make sure you don’t let them wear it at their swimming lessons or they’ll be commandeering everyone’s pool noodles.



12. My Round Jigsaw Puzzle Circus | Londji

Teach your 4 year old not to be a square, by gifting them this Round Jigsaw Puzzle. As they put together this toys for 4 year old boys they’ll be introduced to a host of new, entertaining circus characters.  



13. Tiger Slipper Socks For Kids | Silly Socks

Don’t let your 4 year olds paws get chilly. These slipper socks will keep their toes toasty on those cold winter mornings and throughout the night. Just make sure you check the shadows before walking into their bedroom… there could be a crouching tiger lying in wait.



14. Inflatable Squirting Shark & Croc Pool Toys

These Squirting Shark and Croc Pool Toys make the water fun for 4 year olds. If they’re feeling scared of the water, they’ll be encouraged to be brave and join their tough croc and shark friends to play.



15. Bath Crayons

Bath time will become a time for creativity and colour with these crayons. He can draw all over the tub, and then at the end of his bath it’ll simply rub right off! Bathtime will become a time for artistic exploration!



16. Spaceship Cookie Cutters | Suck UK

Get these for a 4 year old and you can bake some tasty and fun cookies with them. Cookies have always been awesome to the sweet tooth of a 4 year old, but they’ll love them even more when they’re shaped like a spaceship.



17. Kid’s Designer Silicone Toothbrush Holder

This holder turns any boring old toothbrush into a brilliant brontosaurus. Teeth time will take less convincing when they know they get to visit their dinosaur pal. Adding to the imagination of a 4 year old is never a wasted effort.



18. MagneT-Rex Fridge Magnets

Turn every trip to the fridge into a learning experience with these magnets. It gives them a chance to discover what’s really going on with dinosaur bones and how they are part of the dinosaur.



19. Incredible Touchable Bubbles

Bubbles have always made for a brilliant time for little kids and these Touchable Bubbles take it a step further. They’ll be marvelling at these bubbles. With other bubbles you only get to burst them, these bubbles let you touch and hold them!



Enjoy Your Gifts & Toys For 4 Year Old Boys

4 year olds will love these gifts because they match their age, combine fun with education and are unique. These are the gifts that make you a favourite aunt, uncle or parent. Your little four year old no doubt is a free spirit that loves to have fun—these gifts will let them enjoy their time before life gets too serious.