GIFTS FOR 11 YEAR OLD BOYS: What Do They Really Want?

Gifts For 11 Year Old Boys race car present

Gifts for 11 year old boys are hard to buy because 11 Year old boys can be a bundle of trouble if you don’t keep them occupied and engaged. Think Bart Simpson or Dennis the Menace. Select awesome gifts for 11 year old boys from this range and that won’t be a problem. More likely you’ll be battling to get him and his mates to pack up and finish in time for tea. What more can you want from gifts for 11 year old boys?

Here’s The Gifts For 11 Year Old Boys They Actually Want

1. Dynamo Circuit Kit For Kids

Gifts For 11 Year Old Boys

There’s no doubt robotics will play a big part in our future. Give your 11 year old boy this gift and he can get a head start by building his own robot. Or perhaps he’ll construct the hover car. You’ll absolutely have his best interests at heart giving him this gift because it incorporates the most important learning tools for tomorrow; science, technology, engineering and maths.



2. Harry Potter 600 Piece Two-Sided Puzzle

Gifts For 11 Year Old Boys

Give your 11 year boy old this Harry Potter puzzle and he’ll be spellbound. It’s a magical gifts for 11 year old boys that’ll have him vanishing from sight and disappearing into his room for hours of fun.



3. Crystal Mining Kit For Kids

With this crystal mining kit your 11 year old boy can discover and uncover the secrets of the soil. This gift for your 11 year old boy will make him an expert on the rare crystals that lurk beneath the surface. It may be the gifts for 11 year old boys that ignites the geologist within and the Australian outback will become his next backyard.



4. Quicksand & Volcano Kit

Gifts for 11 year old boys include this gift so he’ll be transported back to a time when dinosaurs stalked the planet. He’ll create a lifelike diorama where volcanoes erupt and dinosaurs sink slowly beneath quicksand. Then, it’ll take one sharp paleontologist to uncover the mysteries of the past.



5. Harry Potter Hogwarts House Crest Pin Set

Gifts For 11 Year Old Boys

11 year old boys love playing games that stretch their imagination. With these Hogwart pins, his mates can take up allegiance as a suspicious Slytherin or a Hufflepuff. Just remember to  whip up plenty of snacks ‘cos hungry wizards will make them disappear before you can say “Hey Presto”. Truly magical gifts for 11 year old boys.



6. Build Your Own Race Car

Gifts For 11 Year Old Boys race car present

Engines are screaming, the light turns green and they’re off, the Grand Prix is underway. Give your 11 year old boy this fantastic race car to build and he’ll soon have it vying for pole position. Just step aside and let him fulfill his, “need for speed”.



7. GameBox Lunch Box

Even the most fanatical gamers have to take a break to eat. If your 11 year old boy is a gamer, then give him this ‘cool for school’ lunch box and fill it full of brain stimulating snacks. And at home, you can quietly slip him lunch while he’s engrossed in saving the world thanks to gifts for 11 year old boys.



8. Magnet Science Kit

Give your 11 year old this magnet science kit and you’ll be rewarded with his magnetic smile. The world of science will become real as he discovers the principles of magnetism through games and experiments. In no time, he’ll have a magnetic brain to go with that magnetic personality from gifts for 11 year old boys.



9. Harry Potter Hogwarts Mug

Your 11 year old boy won’t see this gift as just a mug, it’ll be his very own Goblet of Fire. After a tough day at his equivalent of Hogwarts, he’ll love slurping milo from his own Harry Potter mug.



10. 4 In 1 Sports Game Board

If your 11 year old boy is an American sports nut then give him this four in one game and he’ll be competing against the best for hours. He can become a superstar of the golf tour or the NHL, NBA or NFL and challenge the likes of Tiger, Gretzky, Lebron or Manning. He’ll spend hours trying to find out who’s the world’s greatest athlete – next to him that is.



11. Glow In The Dark – Spooky Keyboard Stickers

Give your 11 year old boy these ghoulish stickers and watch his keyboard take on a life of its own. It’ll ghoulishly glow in the dark as he taps, taps away with gifts for 11 year old boys.



12. Voice Encoder: Disguise Your Voice

Disguise Your Voice allows your 11 year old to take his spy games to the next level. He and his mates will have great fun making up characters and disguising their voices. And it won’t be your 11 year old calling for lunch, it’ll be, “Bond, James Bond”.



13. World’s Smallest Kite

11 year old boys don’t like to be weighed down when they’re heading out. For them, less is more. Give your 11 year old this kite so he can saunter to the park with a kite so small it fits in his pocket. In minutes his tiny kite will have kids swooping from everywhere to watch his midget miracle spear through the sky.



14. Night Sky Projection Kit | 4M

Elon Musk has the world captivated with his plans to colonise Mars. Your 11 year old boy will have picked up this thread because it’s part of his brave, new world. Buy him this night sky projection kit and he’ll soon have an understanding of the universe that’s out of this world.


15. Ridley’s Yo-Yo

Yo man, what a great gift a Yo-Yo makes for an 11 year old boy. He’ll spend countless hours mastering, “walk the dog” or “around the world” or “cats in the cradle”. That is after you’ve stopped showing him how good you used to be!



16. Guinness World Records Construction Challenge

11 year old boys love a challenge, so this construction set makes the perfect gift. He won’t need any motivating when you tell him there are world records at stake. Just set the clock and get out of his way!



17. Classic Tabletop Ping Pong Set

Table tennis is a fantastic game for an 11 year old to work off all that excess energy. Plus this gift helps his other sports by honing his hand-eye coordination, reflexes and agility. And you never know, there may just be a future Olympian on the end of that smash.



18. Ridley’s Classic Jokes Pranks Kit

Your 11 year old boy already makes you laugh in so many ways. Giving him this gift and turning him into a prankster just added another dimension. Imagine the disgust on Grandma’s face as she sits on the whoopee cushion or the faint hearted when they see a nail through a finger. But beware, once he’s got this gift, everyone’s fair game.



19. Orbit Blaster Toy Gun

Lights, sounds, action. Three things an 11 year old boy loves. Give him this blaster gun and the backyard games with his mates will be out of this world. They won’t want to be from the Evil Empire if he’s got a blaster toy gun aimed at their tail.


We Hope You Found Awesome Gifts For 11 Year Old Boys

Whether he likes to build things, solve puzzles, discover and learn or develop new skills, there’s something here for every 11 year old boy. Give him one of these fantastic gifts and he’ll appreciate that you understand where he’s coming from.