Gifts for 10 year old boys are more than innaminate objects to them. 10 year old boys don’t play with Lego, learn about science, or fly toy planes. They architect and build serious Lego constructions, scientifically test the fabric of the universe, and pilot dangerous aircraft.

Toys aren’t frivolous playthings to 10 year old boys. They provide windows into the world and are training tools that help them master important skills. Since they take their toys so seriously, you should take gifts for 10 year old boys seriously.

These 18 awesome gifts for 10 year old boys will do much more than show them you care about them. They will inspire their imagination, help them build something cool, and learn while they’re playing.


Ready? Then Find The Perfect Gifts For 10 Year Old Boys

1. GPCT Target Recordable Gun Alarm Clock 

10 year old boys love toy guns almost as much as they hate alarm clocks. Let them take out their early morning aggression on the alarm clock by shooting it dead (well, dead until 7 a.m. tomorrow). The skill required to shoot the bull’s eye will make sure they’re wide awake—saving you from dragging them from bed. It features 12hr Time Display, Recordable Voice Function, Two Game Modes and Alarm Modes.



2. Peace Motion Lava Lamp

10 year olds never got to experience the 90s, but this gift will give them one of the best 90s experiences—owning a lava lamp. They will stare fascinated as the colourful blobs perpetually morph into new shapes. If you’re looking for a gift for a 10 year old boy, this retro toy will leave them transfixed.  



3. Tetris Inspired DIY Build Your Own Lamp 

Tetris has transformed from the digital world into the physical world as a build your own lamp. Just like Tetris the pieces can be moved around. This makes a lamp fun gift for 10 year old boys while improving their spacial reasoning skills.




4. Remote Controlled Flying Fish

Everybody fears a shark coming up for a nibble while they swim in the ocean, but nobody has worried about a shark in the kitchen… until now. These flying fish can be controlled with a remote by your 10 year old, as they ‘swim’ through your house. If you’d prefer not to have a flying shark in your face while eating breakfast, you may prefer a flying Clown Fish coming to say hi.



5. Cubebot Small – Wooden Robot Puzzle – Multi-Colour

The Cubebot transforms from a tight cube out to a coloured wooden robot, which can transform into many poses. 10 year old boys will have their arms up flying across the room one minute and kicking a villain in the gonads the next.


6. Anti-Gravity Magnetic Levitator

Magnetism looks like magic to a 10 year old boy—they will be enthralled with this Anti-Gravity Magnetic Levitator as it floats and spins in mid-air. This gift for 10 year old boys is so fun that they won’t even realise they’re being introduced to the physics principle of perpetual motion.



7. DIY Pipe Straws

Boys like to tinker with everything. These DIY Pipe Straws mean that meal times don’t have to be a break from tinkering. The straws can be engineered into many different forms, such as one straw that drinks from three glasses!


8. 14-in-1 Solar Robot Construction Kit | 4M Kidz

Now that we recognise the importance of protecting our planet from global warming, what could introduce 10 year olds to solar power better than a solar powered robot? There’s no doubt solar power will be a big part of our future, so get them started in a fun way with a robot that can be constructed into 14 different robot modes.


9. OMY Giant World Atlas Colouring Poster Roll – 180 x 100cm

This OMY Giant World Atlas Colouring Poster Roll brings geography to life. Instead of a map with only the outlines of countries, this poster has cool pictures representing each country that can be coloured in—like the Eiffel Tower, Taj Mahal, and giraffes. The more that kids interact with something, the more they will understand, making this map an outstanding educational tool for 10 year old boys.


10. Radio Controlled Spider

Gifts for 10 Year Old Boys Australia - Radio Controlled Spider

10 year old boys and toy spiders go together like a fly and a spider’s web. This remote controlled spider can be controlled so it creeps back and forth through your house scaring everyone from the family cat to Grandma. If you’re looking for a gift that a 10 year old boy will love, this won’t disappoint.


11. Fly Assassin Gun Swatter

Fly assassin - presents for ten yr olds

This gift will set boys free to track down flies like they’re Spider Man tracks down villains. And it’s a great gift for both 10 year old boys and their parents. The boys are entertained for hours and their parents get a fly-free house.



12. AirZooka Air Blaster

The airzooka fits gifts for 10 year old boys perfectly

You can’t stop boys from being boys, they’re going to always want to play with some kind of blasting gun. What you can do, is make it as safe and fun as possible. The AirZooka Air Blaster shoots out a giant puff of air making it a safe and fun gift for 10 year olds.


13. Stickmen Ninja Wall Stickers

What other gifts could 10 year old boys want?

These stickers will make any 10 year old boys room more exciting. These 6 ninja stickmen are stickers each dangerous in their own way. One is going for a fly kick, while another is slicing with a katana.


14. Clip Circuit Electro Lab Kit

This kit has a whopping 80 different projects! That will keep a 10 year old engaged for weeks. They can learn how electric current flows, create electronic sounds and flashing lights. Who knows, the 10 year old you give this kit to could become the next Thomas Edison!


15. Night Walker Flashing Shoelace Lights

10 year old boy’s faces light up with every step—just like these laces. If they want to be the centre of attention, this ensures that. Friends, teachers, and girls will all notice them.


16. Night Sky Projection Kit | 4M

Introducing 10 year old boys to the starry night sky may be the best decision you make for them. At night, they’ll un-crink their neck, away from their phone and up towards the beautiful night sky. This gift for 10 year old will show them there’s more to the universe than meets the eye.


17. Remote Control Flying UFO Ball

You’ve seen everyone flying a toy drone in the sky, but how many robotic UFO’s have you seen? This remote controlled UFO allows 10 year old boys to zoom around the neighbourhood, frightening dogs and confusing the elderly. But since its blades are protected, it can even be flown indoors, making it a fun, new, and safe gift for 10 year old boys.



Which of these gifts for 10 year old boys is the most fun? How many would you have loved as a kid? While 10 year old boys are excited to receive any present, this guide will ensure they continue loving it for months and years to come. You can also find more presents here.

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