19 Awesome Gifts Delivered Sydney


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Or you can go with a gift from your home city of Sydney. Below are 19 gifts delivered Sydney selected specifically for Sydneysiders!

Sydney Themed Presents For Gift Delivery Sydney

1. Flavours of Urban Sydney: Restaurant Guide & Recipe Book

Sydney attracts many of the world’s best chefs. As as result there are some phenomenal restaurants and incredible recipes. This is a guide that shares both the best restaurants and their signature recipes, making it a gift that will keep giving, restaurant after restaurant and recipe after recipe.


2. Power Share – Transfer Battery Charge

As busy Sydneysiders are out and about constantly, while updating their every move on Snapchat, Facebook and Instagram, their phone battery dies. Often at the worst of times. Instead of suffering without a phone, this Power Share allows you to transfer battery power from your friends phone to yours.  


3. Sydney Jigsaw Puzzle Map – 1000 pieces

gift delivery sydney

It’s not often that you get the opportunity to put  a city together. As you piece this puzzle of the streets of Sydney you can imagine you’re a city planner working out what to put where. It also makes a great gift, as proud Sydney locals can frame it on their wall.


4. Rainbow Inflatable Float

gifts delivered sydney

There’s no point living amongst some of the world’s best beaches if you don’t take advantage of them. This Rainbow Inflatable Float allows you to kick back on the water and let life’s troubles drift away.


5. Nanoblock – Sydney Opera House

The Sydney Opera House is one of the most iconic buildings in the world. People from across the globe flock to Sydney to see it in person. These Nanoblocks allow you to build your very own Sydney Opera House.


6. Titanium Wall Clock Collection – Sleek

Sydneysiders are sleek. And they should have a modern home interior that reflects this. The minimalist Titanium Wall Clock bring an industrial feel they will modernise any Sydneysiders home.


7. Before & After 5 Coffee & Wine Glass

As nice as they Sydney lifestyle can be, you work hard to achieve it. Before 5 you’re grinding away, after 5 it’s time to relax. This gift is created for those two halves of the day with one side for coffee and the other for wine.


8. Double Handled Hangover Mug

Sydney has some great parties. Whether at a friends house, local bar or trendy nightclub, there are plenty of opportunities to throw back drinks. But that can lead to the dreaded hangover. While we can’t get rid of a hangover completely for you, this mug will help you manage it. It is two handles so you can keep it steady and a warning to anyone who thinks it’s an appropriate time to interrupt you.


9. iCrib Tablet Bean Bag Pillow

Tablets are great when you have work to do—you need it in your hand. But when you want to watch a movie, where do you put your tablet?? This Bean Bag Pillow is the solution. Instead of holding your arm outstretched as you lie down for 90 minutes, you can rest your tablet on the pillow and relax with your arms behind your head.


10. Nomad ChargeKey for iPhone & Android

Your phone is essential in Sydney, whether to navigate the streets or connect with friends. If your phone dies, your day can be ruined. This ChargeKey will help ensure your phone never runs out of juice again. If you live in Sydney, getting this gift delivered could save you big time.


11. Damn Good Advice (for people with talent!) Book | George Lois

Sydney is definitely not short of talent. There are excellent chefs, businesspeople and artists all over the city. This book features 120 pearls of wisdom so they can get the most from their talent.


12. Zoo Portraits Animal Fridge Magnets

Sydney’s Taronga Zoo is home to many beautiful animals… but it’s a bit far to travel every time you want to see a cute furry face. These magnets save you the trouble. Attach them to your fridge and you’ll be chuckling at a koala wearing a Hawaiian shirt.


13. The Drunken Coobkook: Recipes To Cook While Drunk

Sydneysiders are often talented cook… but that talent dissipates after too many drinks. But maybe, just maybe, it’s not the drunk chefs that are the issue—it’s the recipes. This Coobkook has recipes designed specifically for when you’re drunk, which may amplify your cooking talents.


14. Sunnylife Inflatable Watermelon Pool Ring

As summer heats up, if you get this delivered in Sydney, you can relax the pool on your Watermelon Pool Ring sipping a watermelon cocktail.


15. Bendo Designer Woof Dog Bowls

While Sydney has some amazing restaurants to experience, it is probable your dog is missing out on the fine dining life. These Bendo Designer Woof Dog Bowls add some class to every meal for your pet pooch.


16. ‘Man Flu Survivor’ Tissue Box Cover

Surviving the man flu is a serious achievement and this Tissue Box Cover let’s them know what a brave soldier they are. If you know somebody who acts like they’re mortally wounded when they get the sniffles, this is the ideal gift to get delivered to them.


17. Magic Tray Bedside Touch Lamp

Waking up in the dark can lead to stubbed toes and knocked over lamps. This gift allows you to easily light up your bedroom without creating a ruckus.


18. 100 Science Mysteries Explained Book

Sydneysiders are an intelligent bunch, but there is always more to know. This book takes a look at some challenging questions and novel questions, such as Why is the sky blue? And why doesn’t an expanding population make our world any heavier?


19. Barbecue Apron – The Grill Sergeant

This gift takes any Sydney barbecue to a new level. Whoever is the Grill Sergeant, they will be assigning beers, condiments and burgers like a finely tuned war machine.


Want More Gifts Delivered Sydney? Find Them With Gift Delivery Sydney

These gifts delivery Sydney are waiting to be delivered to a lucky recipient in Sydney. Whether it’s a recipe book, an inflatable pool toy or something to modernise a home, these gifts delivered Sydney are sure to express the fun and quirky attitudes that make Sydneysiders so special.

Sydney is one of the most amazing cities in the world. How many other CBDs are a short ferry trip to amazing surf beaches? How many other city harbours have crystal blue water under world famous landmarks? And how many cities have outdoor adventures like the Blue Mountains and Hunter Vallery only a drive away?

If Sydney was a baseball team, it would be playing in the major leagues. If it were a painting, it would be hung at The Louvre. And if it were a meal, it would be cooked by Heston Blumenthal. Sydney is one of the best cities in Australia, which is one of the best countries in the world. Simply put, Sydney is awesome. Gifts delivered Sydney are awesome too.

But it isn’t the Opera House, the paintings in the art scene, or the beautiful beaches that make Sydney so great. It’s the people. The musicians, the fans, the Bondi lifesavers, the beach goers, the tourists and the locals. The people of Sydney are the heart that beats life through the city.

Sydney locals bring so much life to the city, whether through their stories, fashion or creations like gift delivery Sydney that they express themselves in a way truly unique to Sydney. These gift delivery Sydney that are delivered in Sydney can help them express their fun and quirky attitudes that make Sydney an outstanding city.