7 Must See Gifts For Cyclists


Cycling is the new boom sport. Everybody’s getting involved. Young, old, male, female, the super athlete to the recreational cruiser. So here’s your opportunity to get a gift for your partner, your up-and-coming superstar, a peloton buddy, or a colleague who cycles to work. And there’s benefits in the gift for you too.

It might be that you enjoy ogling those spunky shaved legs bulging from beneath lycra, or perhaps how trim and terrific they look now they’re exercising regularly. Or you know how dedicated they are to their sport and just want to help them perform to their optimum and be safe. Perhaps the gifts for your boss or workmate because you’ve noticed that they arrive in a much better mood after their morning cycle commute.

Whatever the case it has to be a win-win if cycling makes them healthier and happier and more successful. So browse below and select from the gifts for cyclists that’ll not only inspire their cycling, but lets them know that you’re 100% behind them.

Great Gifts For Cyclists


1. Bicycle Repair Kit | Gentlemen’s Hardware

the ultimate gifts for cyclists

Absolutely essential for all cyclists is a repair kit and the ability to fix a flat. You’ll be chuffed having given your young cyclist the kit and a mechanical lesson.



2. Nite Ize Bicycle Helmet Marker LED Light

Be seen be safe. You’ll do a lot less worrying if you know they can be seen clearly when they’re riding in the dark. A must for every cyclist.




3.  Nite Ize BrimLit LED Hat Light

If they’re going to cycle at night, they must be able to see and be seen. By simply clipping it to their helmet it can mean the difference between avoiding the pot-hole and disaster.




4. Nite Ize LED Bicycle Spokelit Spoke Light

The first three rules of cycling at night are safety, safety and safety. Spoke lights will go a long way to giving you peace of mind.






5. Emergency Chocolate

The dreaded sugar low can hit on an arduous training ride. You’ll feel good knowing they can reach into their bum bag and nibble the chocolate you put in there.



6. ‘I Love My Bike’ Book

Cyclings become your new thing. You’ve retired, you’ve got the time and you love keeping fit together in the great outdoors. Give her this book for the coffee table and she can use it to slip her cycling adventures into conversations with friends.





7. Mini 8-in-1 Multi Tool Keyring

Here’s a win/win gift for your cyclist. With multiple tools, they can make running repairs and keep the bike on the road. It’ll save you having to head out to pick them up.







Did You Find Your Gifts For Cyclists?

Providing a range of gifts for cyclists so varied, means you’ll be able to find the perfect present whether they’re aiming for the Tour De France or just loving the freedom and fitness that comes with cycling.