19 Awesome Gifts For 5 Year Old Boys


Looking for gifts for 5 year old boys? 5 year old boys love to play and to learn and to imagine and to discover. This awesome selection of gifts will enable him to play at home, in the backyard, at the beach, at the park or in the pool. And when he’s all tuckered out there are gifts which will allow him to enjoy the peace and quiet of his room.

The Best Gifts For 5 Year Old Boys

1. Kids Archery Set

5 year old boys are just beginning to develop a fertile imagination. Give your 5 year old this archery set and they’ll imagine the backyard’s a jungle and they’re out roaming for food. Or set up a target and teach them the fundamentals of an ancient sport. And it’s safe for kids, with suction caps on the arrows instead of sharp points.



2. Despicable Me Stuart Lolly Jar

gifts for 5 year old boys

The Despicable Me characters are instantly recognisable to a 5 year old boy. Give them Stuart and they’ll love being able to reach into him to grab a lolly. And so your minion doesn’t become despicable, remember to teach them good manners; guests first and take one lolly at a time.



3. Sunnylife Inflatable Ring Toss Cactoss

Inflatable Ring Toss Cactus - Gifts For 8 Year Old Boys

5 year old boys are attracted to the water and love nothing better than splashing around in the pool. Of course you have to keep an eye on them so here’s a fun pool game for all the family. Ring Toss Cactoss will have all the family challenging to see who’s Deadeye Dick.



4. Wild & Soft Elephant Plush Backpack

Tell your 5 year old that there’s an old saying that says an elephant never forgets — that’s why you got him an elephant backpack. Now he’ll never forget to pack the things he has to remember to take with him, like his lunch.



5. Londji My T-Rex Jigsaw Puzzle

It can be puzzling on rainy days just how to occupy that bundle of energy you call a 5 year old boy. Here’s the solution. Give him this colourful T-Rex jigsaw and it will hold his attention for hours. And he’ll enjoy learning about dinosaurs as he develops his problem solving skills.



6. OMY Huge Magic Fantasy Colouring Poster – 115 x 80cm

This OMY Huge Magic Fantasy Colouring Poster is so big it takes a team to work on it. Give this gift to your 5 year old boy and he and his friends will be occupied for hours. A perfect option for a play date so he and his friends can learn to share, play and colour together.



7. Build A Giant Dinosaur – Fit Together Puzzle Pieces

5 year old boys are at the stage where they love building things. Give this giant T-Rex to your 5 year old boy and watch how intensely he concentrates as he puts it together. He’ll be so proud when he’s built his new playmate they’ll both let out a roar that’ll shake the whole house.



8. Woodland Animals 3D Masks

You can imagine the scene now, you be the owl and I’ll be the deer. 5 year old boys love to role play and when you give him these friends of the woods masks you’ll also be transforming your yard or playroom into a forest, for a magical game of hide and seek.



9. Huggable Hugglo Animal Night Lights

Give your 5 year old boy a Huggable Night Light and he’ll have a friend who can light up his room. One simple tap and the wise old owl or cuddly sheep will turn night into bright. He can turn off his own light as he drifts off to sleep or turn it on if he wakes early and just wants to play.



10. Scratchable Wall Ruler

“Wow! Look how tall he’s grown”, the visitors say! Give your 5 year old the Scratchable Wall Ruler and they can show everyone exactly how tall they’ve grown. He’ll take great pride in his regular measurement and love to see how he’s not a little kid anymore.



11. Animal Heads Plush Toy

5 year old boys love to decorate their bedroom walls. Give him a cute, soft and cuddly animal head and he can hang it on his wall, then take it down when either of them needs a cuddle. With 5 heads to choose from, he can start a collection so they can chat with each other like old friends.



12. Designer Excavator Truck LED Night Light

Timber Lamp - Gifts For 8 Year Old Boys

Your 5 year old can imagine he’s been working on the big machines and now it’s time to knock off. If you give him this excavator night light he’ll be able to drift off to sleep knowing he’s put in a big man’s day and earned a good night’s sleep.



13. Wood Log Pillow

5 year old boys love camping. Give him this wood log pillow and every time he drifts off to sleep he can imagine that you’re back camping by the river, the beach or in the bush. In no time he’ll fall into a deep sleep and dream he’s snoozing under the stars.



14. Space Hopper Ball

The Space Hopper Ball has boundless energy and is ready to match your 5 year old. Give him a space hopper and he’ll be bounding around the garden like a kangaroo in the bush.



15. Slip On Silicon Shoelaces

Your 5 year old boy will love his cool, colourful silicone laces. No more frustrating knots or tripping over loose shoelaces. No more being left behind as his mates rush off and he’s still fiddling with his shoes.



16. Monster Stompers Bucket Stilts

Monster Stomper Bucket Stilts make a great gift for a 5 year old boy. Not only will they have hours of fun and laughter stomping around the yard or negotiating obstacles but at the same time they’re improving their balance and coordination. And isn’t that what play is all about, helping them develop even though they don’t realise that’s what they’re doing.



17. Solar Powered Bug Toys

Bugs may bug you but they don’t bug 5 year old boys. He’ll love watching his bugs come to life by simply leaving them out in the sun. Give him a cockroach, spider and grasshopper and he’ll have hours of creepy, crawly fun.



18. Easy Flyer Kite

One of the greatest joys of being a kid is running through the park or on a beach with a kite flying high behind you. Give your 5 year old boy an Easy Flyer Kite and he’ll be captivated for hours. Every time there’s a puff of wind, out will come his kite and both the kite and his spirits will soar.



19. Saturn Hoppit Pogo Ball

Give your 5 year old the Hoppit Pogo Ball and he’ll love trying to master the skill. It’s much easier than the old fashioned pogo stick – just balance, squeeze and bounce.



We Hope You Found Your Gifts For 5 Year Old Boys

You’re certain to find a gift that will be a winner for your 5 year old boy from the options above.  He looks at the world with awe and wonder and loves gifts that let him develop those budding skills that help him grow. But he also loves to have fun, whether he’s playing solo or with friends. Here’s your chance to ensure he’s well equipped to learn, laugh and play by giving him an awesome gift.