GIFTS FOR 13 YEAR OLD BOYS >>> 17 Must See Ideas!

Gifts for 13  year old boys are hard to find because at 13 a boy becomes a teenager. That brings puberties challenges, such as sudden growth spurts and prominent pimples. And surprise, surprise… girls suddenly become wayyyyy more interesting.  

But these changes don’t change him from  a playful boy to a macho man overnight. 13 year old boys still love to build models, pilot remote control toys and create science experiments. Boys still want to have fun. So these gifts for 13 year old boys and let them play. better yet, all products are sold in Australia, ay an Aussie gift company. So whether you live in Melbourne, Brisbane or anywhere else, you’re sure to quickly receive your gifts for 13 year old boys. 

The Top Presents For 13 Year Old Boy

1. Build Your Own Boat In A Bottle

Buy a 13 year old boy a Build Your Own Boat in a Bottle and they’ll spend hours working out how the boat fits together in the bottle. They’ll end up with a rugged vessel to display with pride.



2. Batman: Build Your Own Metallic 1989 Batmobile

batman gifts for 13 year old boys

A 13 year old boy thinks he’s a superhero, and every superhero needs to be able to speed to save a burning city or damsel in distress. Buy them a classic 1898 Batmobile and they can build their own badass saviour supercar. Such a realistic replica, this is sure to take pride of place amongst his model display.



3. Learn To Juggle

Sporty 13 year old boys always have a ball in their hands—with this juggling kit they’ll have 3 in hand. This gift will provide the pleasure of mastering a new skill and a party trick for years to come.



4. World’s Best Teenager Award

gifts for 13 year old boys

All those clothes just dumped on the floor or that centimetre of milk left in the carton can leave you fuming as a 13 year old boy. Instead of the pointless nagging, try a bit of reverse psychology and present him with the world’s best teenager award. He may be so bamboozled that he does the dishes after tea.



5. Remote Control Zombie

With their heads glued to their phones, many 13 year old boys have been accused of being a zombie. But this Remote Control Zombie is far scarier—it’ll frighten the bejeezus out of the cat!



6. 101 Things To Do To Become A Superhero… Or Evil Genius

Thirteen year olds often think “Will I or won’t I…?” when dreaming up a sneaky scheme The answer often depends on whether they think they’ll get away with it. Here’s a book that will help them choose between being a superhero or evil genius. Either way, their imagination will be going at full tilt as they create their next master plan.



7. Build Your Own Dynamo Torch Kit

This kit will have 13 year olds converting their own motion into electricity which then powers a lightbulb—something most 33 year olds don’t understand. This hands on learning may even generate the next Thomas Edison!



8. Solar Powered Mobile Spinning Plane Kit

Today’s 13 year old boys are more conscious of environmental sustainability than any generation before them. This gift allows them to build their very own solar powered plane, giving them an insight into engineering a more eco-friendly world.



9. Superman Logo Lamp

superman gifts for 13 year old boys

When a boy’s hormones get pumping at 13, he feels like Superman. Let him buy into his fantasies of saving the world and rescuing damsels in distress with this Superman Logo Lamp.



10. Tea-Rex Giant Mug

It takes something special to impress a 13 year old boy. A regular mug wouldn’t get a second glance. A T-Rex mug? They’d be happy to have it. But a giant T-Rex mug? Now you’re talking. Anything aggressive and oversized is sure to capture their imagination.



11. DIY Pipe Straws

Gift these DIY Pipe Straws to a teen boy and they’ll be constructing drinks you could never have imagined. One straw will connect to a glass of pineapple juice while another connect to some soda… the mess they make will be a sign of how much fun they had.



12. Radio Controlled Spider

Gifts for 10 Year Old Boys Australia - Radio Controlled Spider

This is the gift that every 13 year old boy wants to receive, while their sibling hopes they receive something with far less prank potential. Teen boys will have this spider scuttling about their house in no time.



13. Remote Control Flying UFO Ball

Every kid on the block has a drone these days, but not many, if any, have a Flying UFO Ball. Buy this gift and you’ll set yourself apart from everyone else. And don’t worry, even though 13 year olds like may like to fly it like they’re racing a fighter jet , the protective cage keeps the blades out of harm’s way.



14. Clip Circuit Electro Lab Kit

Electricity is all around us. It’s beneath the surface of every device we use and powers every movie we watch. But the importance of electricity is easily overlooked… especially to a 13 year old boy who has grown up in a world where the toaster and TV are taken for granted. This Electro Lab Kit will open a whole new world of technology to 13 year old boys.



15. Salt Water Fuel Cell Engine Car Kit

This toy is so smart it could ace a 13 year olds math test. It’s smart because it’s a car that doesn’t run on petrol… it runs on saltwater—motion from the ocean. Just five drops of saltwater on the magnesium strips will keep it running for 15 minutes!



16. Guinness World Records Construction Challenge

This gift gives him the chance to break a Guinness World Record by building the highest tower ever. Give a boy a challenge, and he’ll give you a solution. This challenge is harder than most… meaning it’s sure to occupy him for weeks.



17. Classic Tabletop Ping Pong Set

There’s no need to purchase a whole table tennis table to start a competitive game of ping pong. This gift will have 13 year old boys playing as well as Forest Gump in no time. Whether he plays against a friend or an unbeatable wall, he’ll be entertained for hours with these gifts for 13 year old boys.



We Hope You Found The Perfect Gifts For 13 Year Old Boys

These 19 awesome gifts for 13 year old boys, unlike their homework, are sure to get their attention. They’ll entertain them, challenge them, and unlike incomplete homework, they may actually learn something.

All products are shipped from us, an Australian retailer. Whether you live in Melbourne, Perth, Hobart, or anywhere else in Australia, you will receive your gifts for 13 year old boys in no time.