101 Dad Jokes Feature

Hilarious Dad Jokes: 151 Of The Best (Worst)!

It’s time to talk dad jokes in the lead up to Father’s Day. Whether you love them or hate them, dads around the world will do their best to keep the flowing.

When you stub your toe, Dad is there to order you a toe truck. When you're out for dinner and the waiter asks Dad if he'd "like a box for his leftovers?", he says "No, but I'll wrestle you for it." But no matter how embarrassed these Dad jokes make you feel, they always leave at least one person laughing – Dad.

We try to hide it, but deep down we can’t help loving great Dad jokes. Here's 151 of the best (and worst) dad jokes to leave you giggling and groaning. And be sure to check out these gift ideas for funny dads!

A dad joke is a painfully awful joke, that is so bad it’s actually embarrassing. These jokes were popularised by fathers, who in an attempt to be funny, failed miserably. Common in speeches, particularly of the 18th and 21st birthday variety.

  • Must be incredibly lame. So lame that it hurts.
  • Usually dad jokes are PG rated
  • Contrary to popular belief, does not have to be delivered by a dad
  • Must provoke either muffled laughter, an awkward cough or eye roll
  • Dad jokes will often serve to embarrass children
  • If there is a genuine LOL by anyone other than a dad it’s stature as a dad joke is questionable
  • An integral part of father-child bonding



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