101 Brilliant Boredom Busters for Kids

The best ideas and activities to keep the kids engaged during quarantine

Like a magician, you always need to have a quick trick up your sleeve to keep the kids entertained. We’ve compiled 101 easy to organise boredom busters that will keep your kids entertained for hours. Combine a few resources, add your kids’ imagination, say the magic words—and the kids will disappear for hours! 

101 boredom busters for kids that are so engaging Mum and Dad will have time for a nap

  1. Play dress ups. (Nurses and doctors will be popular.) 

  2. Play Lego. 

  3. Play ‘I spy with my little eye’.

  4. Get a pen pal and write to them. 

  5. Make playdough.

  6. Use chalk to write positive messages on the sidewalk.

  7. Create a photo album.

  8. Make origami.

  9. Learn how to paper mache.

  10. Create friendship bracelets and send them to your besties. 

  11. Make puppets and put on a play for the family.

  12. Teach your dog new tricks.

  13. Fly a kite.

  14. Plant a herb garden.

  15. Learn to juggle.

  16. Pick flowers from the garden.

  17. Shut the curtains and have a dance party in the living room.

  18. Learn to bake bread.

  19. Bake cookies. 

  20. Play a piano with your feet. 

  21. Design your own jewellery.

  22. Write in a secret code.

  23.  Play chess

  24. Give yourself mermaid fingernails. 

  25. Solve a classic logic puzzle.

  26. Grow your own crystals at home. 

  27. Play with a marshmallow arrow shooter

  28. Visit an interactive museum online. 

  29. Sketch new fashion designs. 

  30. Make Mum a DIY day spa. 

  31. Play balloon keepy-uppy.

  32. Select toys and clothes to donate to charity.

  33. Make your own pizza.

  34. Study the stars at night time. 

  35. Write a story.

  36. Learn to braid hair.

  37. Play with remote control bumper cars.

  38.  See your future with the world’s smallest Magic 8 ball

  39. Dress up as Donald Trump.

  40. Build an all-terrain rover.

  41. Make a time capsule.

  42. Do a backyard scavenger hunt.

  43. Have a picnic in the backyard.

  44. Spot shapes in the clouds.

  45. Research your family tree.

  46. Read a book.

  47.  Play a classic board game.

  48.  Play the world’s smallest table tennis game.

  49.  Ride the marble roller coaster.

  50.  Learn about some amazing poo facts

  51. Write a poem.

  52. Make up some jokes.

  53. Start a corona diary.

  54. Learn to read hieroglyphics.

  55. Cook tea for Mum and Dad.

  56. Plant a bonsai tree.

  57. Learn to knit.

  58. Create a sandpit in the backyard.

  59. Put on a concert for Grandma and Grandpa over Zoom. 

  60. Make a paper plane and fly it over the house.

  61. Go fly a kite (in the backyard).

  62. Play marbles.

  63. Put together a time capsule and bury it in the backyard

  64. Make a necklace and bracelet from pasta

  65. Play charades and mime to pass the time.

  66. Play 20 questions.

  67. Experiment with the chemistry set.

  68. Build a robot.

  69. Throw a burrito (a dodgeball card game).

  70. Fly a Star Wars heli ball

  71. Do some finger weightlifting

  72. Blow giant bubbles

  73. Dress up as a T-Rex.

  74. Grow your own mushrooms

  75. Speak with your neighbour on the world’s smallest walkie talkies.

  76.  Play the hilarious emoji card game.

  77.  Doodle. 

  78.  Build a weather station and check the weather in your backyard. 

  79. Explore the magic of math

  80. Mould and paint fridge magnets.

  81. Play the fast and furious guessing game: Who’s who?

  82. Compete in a quiz.

  83. Decorate a unicorn.

  84.  Learn how magnets work.

  85. Play hide and seek.

  86. Skip.

  87. Play tag with your siblings.

  88. Hopscotch on the driveway.

  89. Play a board game.

  90. Learn with a science kit.

  91. Build a fort with pillows and blankets.

  92. Read ghost stories until you’re scared.

  93. Play finger rugby

  94. Bounce and stretch this galaxy putty.

  95. Unleash this exploding lava kit.

  96.  Play some retro video games.

  97. Grow a smiling poo emoji.

  98. Build a robotic hand

  99. Play with some unicorn slime.

  100. Listen to a kids podcast. 

  101. Make a mud kitchen in the backyard (get Mums permission first!).

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